Noticing Energy

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In the last post I talked about an easy way to clear energy from your space in general. Today I’ll talk about noticing energy, particularly the energy of the physical things with which we choose to fill our space. Are they in harmony with our energy and how might they influence us and the energy of our space?

I’m sure everyone reading this has noticed energy of one sort or another at some point. I truly believe that we are all intuitive creatures. We notice the energy of people all the time without them having to say anything… something just ‘feels’ different about them… we notice the energy of space without even knowing it… whether it’s peaceful chaotic, exciting… or if something is not the energy it’s supposed to be… you can’t focus in your office… you can’t sleep in your bedroom… often we don’t even have to it try, it’s natural…

For example…

…you have on a new outfit – it’s the look of the season,- it should make you feel amazing right? But something doesn’t feel right about it to you on the inside? Or you feel like you don’t look like ‘you’ when you see yourself in the mirror? When you leave the house you feel kind of uncomfortable, maybe even a little insecure… the clothes that you have on aren’t in harmony with your energy and your awareness of this feeling is noticing your energy … and the lack of harmony with your own real energy.

…you have to buy a new piece of furniture for your place. You go shopping and you see SO many different styles and everything looks pretty and new and it’s totally overwhelming. The sales person talks you into something and you get excited and then when you get it home that excitement wanes and every time you look at the furniture you think… why did I buy this? This isn’t me at all… frustration station. That is noticing energy… and that disconnect isn’t the kind of energy we want in our home at all.

On the other hand, when we put on a favorite pair of shoes, or outfit that you just love, our whole self feels different. I have a few things in my closet that make me feel like that and every time I put them on I literally have this moment where I think – WHY do I even own any of the other clothes hanging in my closet. I want everything I wear to make me look and feel like this.


Some people might think that I only get this feeling when I’m pulling out a ridiculous pair of high heeled satin or glitter covered shoes (I do love things that most people find completely impractical). But I also feel this way when I put on my duck boots and a pair of jeans to go out to the barn and visit my horse, or even a super comfortable gym outfit when I’m going to the gym… the energy of the clothes is in harmony with me and the energy of things I love doing… so I feel great and people who encounter me can sense that.

Our physical self is the same; it’s our energy that shifts… your energy has shifted… whatever that favorite thing is that makes you feel amazing – THAT is what it feels like to have your energy be in harmony… now can you imagine feeling that great in your space? Having your space be that perfect a reflection of you?


In my house, some of my favorite things are wonderfully beautiful vintage pieces that my parents had in our house growing up and I see myself having for many years to come… I feel a connection to them and they are also beautifully designed and well built (an important point). Though they might not be everyone’s style – they fit me perfectly.

I notice that often people have a hard time parting with furniture or other items in their house because of the energy of a memory or person they associate with the physical object. This is a great time to take a moment and ask yourself, is this item a great fit with me, beautifully built, fits my style and belongs in my house… or is my attachment to it mostly an attachment to something else… a person… a time in your life… a memory?

If it’s the former, maybe it still belongs in your home… maybe you can make it more you by giving it a facelift – a great way to give a vintage piece of furniture new life is to refinish it… if it’s the latter it might be time to find a way to honor your love for the person or memory, but let go of the physical object to make room for something that fits you more perfectly.

It can be hard when we have a strong emotional attachment to a piece of furniture or some other item in our home that is not in good shape, really doesn’t fit your style, or wasn’t made well and isn’t standing up to the test of time. How to let the physical item go and keep the emotional connection can be a challenge.

Well, I bet you didn’t see homework coming along with this blog, but get ready! Don’t worry, it’s easy (just like our first post, you love it, I know)

Spend some time this week noticing the different things you have in your house… both the new things and things that have been with you for years.

Ask yourself, ‘how or why did I first get this?’ ‘does this item fit who I am today?’ ‘does this item reflect my energy?’ ‘are the objects in my home helping my space serve my lifestyle?’ ‘do I love this piece of furniture?’ ‘would it be hard for me to let this thing go?’ – if yes, why? Is it because it’s a piece that’s really you, or is there another reason?

If you feel so inclined I would love to hear if you come across any items in your house that you feel are a perfect reflection of you and you noticed how aligned they are with your energy – or conversely, if you realized that there are few items that you have had for a while and are keeping for sentimental reasons though they don’t actually fit with you and your energy.

Thanks again for reading… stay tuned, more to come soon!

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