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I wasn’t planning on having two posts in a row about furniture… but sofas are on my mind lately. I myself am searching for a jaw dropping, awe-inspiring sofa that of course is perfectly aligned with my energy for my own place (piece of cake). Saying it’s a tough choice is an understatement! It’s so B I G … and is basically the focal point of your living room… people see it right when they walk in… they SIT in it… and TOUCH it… your sofa is definitely the one piece of furniture that people who are in your space have the most physical interaction with… sure they look at your furniture… your TV… your paint choices.. your art… the tile in your bathroom and size up your kitchen renovation, but they touch, sit down, cozy up, get comfy, and relax with you in your sofa… no pressure.

The most tactile experiences we have in any space are the places we sit (except for bed) and the sofa is where we relax and spend quality time with people in our space. If this piece of furniture isn’t in harmony with your energy, well, let’s just start with the basics…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “but it’s comfortable” as someone justifies their purchase of a completely heinous piece of furniture… I feel like I have this conversation and get to practice perfecting my poker face far too frequently. Since when must one sacrifice beauty in order to achieve comfort? Stop. Please.

I’m not sure who invented the shapeless overstuffed couch. By far the worst offender… or who spread the awful rumor that these ugly things are comfortable. I wonder if anyone ever investigated them for crimes against humanity? They are literally actively making the world an uglier place… making people wish they were blind… or choose to stand for unreasonably long periods of time to avoid physical interaction with these ugly, uncomfortable pieces of furniture. It’s just cruel. They have infiltrated the fashion industry too. So sad… I’m actually tearing up a little…

Please do not buy ugly things. They do not have good energy. If you are looking at something ugly and are actually considering buying it… take a deep breath and just walk away. Something is going on with your own energy that is affecting your perception… it’s okay, we’re human, it happens. You can always buy the right thing tomorrow.

So, beg you ask, what is ugly and what is beautiful? Given that there are so many styles and aesthetics and sheer choices these days it can be just as easy to go right as to go wrong. (not really, but I do this for a living so I’ll give everyone else a little room for error)

Some things we judge objects by as designers:

Proportion \ Quality of construction \ Scale \ Detailing

These are really just skimming the surface… but to be clear about one thing – some objects’ whole energy is just – “I’ve given up”.

bad sofa

Does your sofa look anything like this? Or do you have a relative of this sofa sitting in your living room? Swallowing your guests – and their energy – whole? If you come back from the kitchen with a drink for them and they seem to have inexplicably disappeared… check in the cushions.

This sofa’s energy screams, “i’ve given up”. Have you given up? Your living room thinks you have.

You can do so much better than this sofa! And if you are reading this thinking – but it’s comfortable, I like it… please stop reading right now. Don’t tell any of your friends about me. We aren’t right for each other.

There are more beautiful AND comfortable choices for sofas and chairs than ever before – don’t settle for ‘I’ve given up”! You are better than the over stuffed sofa! I believe in you!

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful space. There is no such thing as ugly energy, so why would you put something ugly in your space? Or, if you don’t have to, why would you keep something less than beautiful… not your energy… in your space?


  1. I’ve been enjoying your posts but I had to comment on this one in particular because you made me laugh AND I’ve had animated conversations about the monstrosities of these ugly sofas w my husband before. I seriously don’t understand why at any point any human hand or mind veered down this path and said ‘yes, let us manufacture this form’ and then continued to replicate it. Love what you said about something wrong with certain perceptions, because I really feel it must be in order not to notice this is an aesthetic black hole. But you know, as crazy as it is I have met people who have said a) I don’t really enjoy food, it’s almost a chore, that you have to eat at all or b) I don’t listen to music… so I think lack of aesthetic mentality is not so shocking, but still… If these TERRIBLY ugly sofas didn’t exist at least people who don’t care wouldn’t ‘carelessly’ choose them.

    1. Haha, thanks! You know people for whom eating is a chore?! I cannot even imagine ;)

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