the energy of beautiful things

As I finish up the next post, getting ready to move on to the energy of movement – as in out of your now house and INTO your dream house, I ran across this article in the NY Times  “Why We Love Beautiful Things”. Quite interesting and a pretty quick read.

The universe is spectacularly wise, beautiful, intelligent.. and we are inextricably connected to everything in it… whether we know it or not <3

link here >  the energy of beautiful things


  1. Catherine

    Hey Nancy-
    I am enjoying your posts and I have a question for you- do you have any favorite fabric designers out there for residential interiors? I’m looking for something bright, fun, flirty, crisp for spring. Thanks!

  2. Hi Catherine! So happy that you are liking the blog! thanks :) Hmmm, favorite fabric designers… I think Schumacher, Bruschwig & Fils and Cowtan all have some really amazing prints. Also, if you are looking for something with great options around your area have you been out to Printer’s Alley (I feel like you probably know of this place already though)? They usually have a few standouts!

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