transition… moving into a new space


Moving season is right around the corner. Winter is almost over… spring is almost here. It’s a natural time for new beginnings.

There are many times in our life when we will move into a new place. …we don’t like our roommates… we fall in love… we fall out of love… families grow… new jobs take us to new places… or you just don’t think your space is really right for you anymore, you don’t really love it and want something better.

Moving into a new space means something in your life is changing – what you have currently doesn’t serve your needs and will no longer do.

Most people figure out what they can spend and start looking at what’s available… seems simple, right?


How can you make sure you find the BEST place for you, the PERFECT space for you… one that reflects who you are, your own unique amazing self… is just right… works for the way you live – if you spend zero time consciously thinking about what you need… with purpose and intention… before you race out considering or eliminating the possibilities?

Does it make sense to spend multiple weekends wandering around checking out 30 open houses having spent zero time really getting a clear idea of what you want… or even need? How you use space? What isn’t working in your space now and what you love and want to have/keep in your new space? SO MANY PEOPLE don’t spend any time thinking about this. Because they think they know all the answers already, or they will just know it when they see it. So they obsess over their selling price, or nailing the other party to the wall to “win” in the negotiation.

They are stupid.

What are you ‘winning’ if your new space isn’t what you really need? If it doesn’t fit your lifestyle? If it isn’t perfect for you? If you won’t really love it?

In the next post I’ll help you get started really knowing your space now and identifying with purpose what you need (and want) in your new space – stay tuned!

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