having more than “good enough”

Today I’m sharing a link to a recent blog post by another local Chicago and very successful (and fabulous) business lady Jess Lively.

I met Jess at her monthly Business in the City meetup here in Chicago. Right from the moment I first met her I knew I liked her, awesome energy, her whole business is about living with intention and she has awesome design sense and a love of all things gold and white – where has this girl been all my life and how am I just meeting her now?!

I kind of laughed to myself when i saw this post of hers about transforming her guest bedroom into a writing room because it’s pretty much exactly what I and my business are all about. She talks about how the room had previously been filled with items accumulated through the years from previous apartments and didn’t feel like it was designed with purpose or intention (I’m paraphrasing) – and Just to be clear, this room was super cute to begin with (I got a glimpse in her apartment therapy home tour – jealous!). But to her it felt “disconnected” and “mis-matched”, and that’s what really matters – how does it feel for you in your space? What really spoke to me in this post was that even though your space might be really well designed and beautiful, it still might not be the right energy for you and your current needs, now… She didn’t do a top to bottom overhaul, replace all the furniture or spend a ton of dough (I’m assuming here) but by changing smaller elements of the space she was able to really transform the space… and turn this room into one that is perfect for her right now. I think everyone deserves to live and work in a space that is, as Jess puts it “amazing and perfectly me!” rather than just “good enough” – amen Jess!

please note that the featured image for this post is an amazing print by Kari Herer (thanks to miss Jess for sharing this awesome artist too!) click on her name to see all of her fabulous offerings on etsy <3

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