this color really goes with anything…

Last week I did a load of wash. Yep, the most amazing opening sentence ever, I know – stay with me. Nothing special, some lights, some colors, with a hot pink t-shirt in the mix (that had been washed more than once already). Went to throw everything in the dryer and all the whites were pink. Awesome. It was like hot pink was trying to make me hate it.

Cut to brunch with one of my dearest friends, we were talking about clothes as I was saying that I currently loathe pretty much everything in my closet – riveting brunch conversation, I know. I’m a girl, what can I say. This happens to me every time I take a meditation class though… you are growing and changing, spending a lot of time looking at yourself, your energy, what is in your space and what’s affecting you and often you see a lot that might be going on in your life that doesn’t really feel like the real you, including what you wear… the only challenge with this is that I haven’t yet mastered the art of manifesting a bottomless wardrobe allowance – still working on that. My friend was saying that she felt like she’d been picking out everything black lately and hated it, which led to a talk about colors and how they affect us.


Ever since getting more into meditation, learning about energy, a little numerology and the energy of colors, I’ve been noticing the colors around me more and more. I notice that I have times where I am distinctly drawn to certain colors more than others, (which I often see clearly at moments like when I get home with a bunch of flowers and see a strong color theme, or all the food in my grocery bag is ‘coincidentally’ the same color) Also in my space, and what I put on my body… I feel like black is pretty heavy energetically and while it can look quite chic and polished, wearing it every day can actually start to affect your mood. At least it would mine. I noticed that as I learned more and more about the energy of color I was wearing less and less black and introducing more and more color into my closet. I think that what you wear is pretty close to, if not just as, important as what’s going on in the space you inhabit. It’s what is on your body all day… also it’s what other people see on you all day, every day… and it can definitely affect how people perceive and interact with you.

Back to laundry. After another wash and a separate soak in bleach, most of the pink was out – but not from this new white tank top that I had just picked up from Target. (There are far greater losses for sure, thank goodness.) So during my next trip I picked up another tank… and since they had them on special for 3 for $25 and all kinds of cute new fall colors, I grabbed a few more.

blue tank

The woman at the checkout was super nice and was commenting on what a great color the royal blue one was and said that it would really go with a lot of different colors… I thought to myself, “definitely – pink, green, neon orange, yellow… SO many possibilities” as she continued “like you could wear them with jeans, or khakis, tan, or even white” – and when she said white she kind of slowed down a little and there was this pause – it was like ‘whoa, sooo amazing, all the options… it was like her mind was literally blown at the endless possibilities. I had myself a little moment right then and there. I literally marveled realizing how differently people see things in the world… what a huge difference between what I saw as the possibilities versus the sweet lady checking me out… and there is absolutely nothing wrong with either one.


So… just how colorful is your own world?

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