meeting amazing

This morning I went to get a haircut – hello new bangs! – with my fabulous new hairdresser Gia. She’s this fantastic five foot package of awesome who gives a killer cut in like 30 minutes flat. I kind of just sit there in awe of her. This is only the second time I’ve seen her, but I noticed that she’s always wearing really high heeled shoes, so I said to her today that I was really impressed that she wears heels all day. I have never been able to build up that kind of foot stamina. She looks down at her feet and says, “oh these are my flats” as she giggles. Of course they are your flats, as I’m immediately inspired to completely overhaul my shoe collection.


gias flatsI’ve been meeting a lot of amazing new people lately (only one or two duds, phew) and have been thinking a lot about that ‘thing’ between people that causes you to just ‘click’ or makes a very awkward moment… or literally repels you away from them. Have you ever met any of those people? Well, if you’ve managed to navigate through life without meeting anyone you don’t like you either need to teach a seminar about it or get a personality I guess really. You know how it goes, sometimes you meet someone and even though you don’t really get to talk to or know them in that moment, you secretly hope to become friends with them because there is just something about them that you really like… or you meet someone and you just find everything about them offensive and it feels like a huge relief when they finally leave?

I get a lot of different reactions from people when I happen to talk about meditation, energy, healings… or the really crazy stuff like that I believe in psychics or reincarnation…  usually people who don’t believe in any of these things have much louder opinions that people who do, which I also find really funny. It’s not like I go around telling everyone I encounter about this part of myself or anything – weirdo alert! – but I am a pretty open book, so it does come up from time to time. One aspect of life… and being human… that I think is a really great example of the idea of energy is meeting someone new. I encounter new people all the time and feel a myriad of things immediately. Like meeting Gia… or recently when I met my clients Lindsey and Doug for the first time. Lindsey saw me coming down the sidewalk and came over and gave me a hug as our very first hello. I mean, I’m a hugger too, but I do feel like it’s a risk as a first hello. Could just anyone get away with that? Not with me, but Lindsey and I are a really awesome match and I think she (and Doug) are totally fabulous. And if I had to describe it in words I could say a bunch of characteristics, like she’s funny, I like her sense of humor, we have pretty similar taste – but there are a lot of people who are funny and have good taste who I don’t feel comfortable around. So in my book and the way I see the world, she has great energy…

A few weeks ago I met a man for work who came up to me and gave me a kiss on both cheeks – I have never wanted to be further away from someone. If I wasn’t so stunned and caught off guard by it I might have actually pushed him away. Completely gave me the creep vibe – but if I was describing only how he was behaving or what he was saying in that moment it might seem like he was being polite. And maybe someone else wouldn’t have felt how I felt, it’s just how his energy affected me…

The same exact gesture by two different people can feel completely different – energy.

Now I’m off to Business In The City with a lot more awesome people… more than a few of which I’m secretly hoping to become friends with.


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