new house – new kitchen

DSC02006Moving into a new house – while sometimes stressful – is filled with so much opportunity. You often have a little bit of time before moving day to do work and not be maneuvering around furniture, and in a way it’s a pure space – you are more in control than at any other time in regard to what comes into your home to live with you and shape your environment.

Lindsey and Doug knew they loved their new house but they also knew they did not love the kitchen. The style is very traditional, they have a much more modern aesthetic and the house is old, but not really this kind of old so we all agreed that a little facelift would be a big improvement. When we first met this was the one big change that they were wanting to make before they moved in… and then over time they would work on making some other transformations to the space.

Here is the space in its current state

DSC01958The overall layout works pretty well, so with the intention of being as cost conscious as possible they were thinking it made the most sense to reface the cabinets instead of replacing everything… and were hoping they would be able to make some adjustments – like getting rid of the little shelves and bread boxes on either side of the window (they don’t eat quite that many carbs).

The wall to the left of the refrigerator will come down to make the kitchen about 1/3 larger and we’ll add a large island in the center of the space and full height pantry storage on the far wall across from the sink – adding additional storage a great place to socialize.

DSC01952This is the spare room which is a little small and hard to use, it was probably not a bedroom because of this cute (and kind of random) little window into the kitchen – can’t wait to see the big new space… but a lot of work still to be done before we get to that!


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