the beauty in failure

This week I took a few days off for a mini stay-cation. I have so much going on that I just needed a break… from my day job, from running around to a million different things, from the endless challenges involved with being in the middle of construction… from everything really… to take a breath, relax…

I also just started taking a new class on Creating Abundance and our “homework” for the week was to have some fun.

I realized in talking to some different people that there are definitely different ideas of what fun is. For some people it’s going out and being social, for others it’s something completely different. Often people will ask me, “so what do you do for fun?”, and I’m not sure what to say. I have fun all the time no matter what I’m doing – or at least that’s the goal… people have even jokingly commented that I can’t even complain or say I hate something without laughing. I do work a lot and I love what I do, but I don’t have a traditional ‘hobby’ and I don’t hit the bars every weekend so I am often handling their reactions of, “you just work all the time?” “what do you do for FUN?”

So I started kind of questioning what fun is for me… I have a lot of fun doing everything, but I do tend to work a lot – although I love what I do – and so I thought I would try out some new things that I don’t really give myself time to do on a regular basis. Kind of experiment with different kinds of fun to see what resonates with me.

A few weeks ago I saw this cute photo somewhere of pumpkins dipped in gold paint and glitter and I thought to myself how cute it was and that it would be even cuter with white pumpkins and if the gold were on the top instead of on the bottom.

Here are a couple examples of what I saw, I can’t find the exact photo, but these are close

gold pumpkin example 3

Really, the picture I saw was a lot cuter than this, but you get the gist…

Then I thought – white would be better. And paint on top would be better. Kind of like the two in the back

white pumpkin example 2

Here’s what actually happened with my Friday afternoon. I had gone out and bought all of these cute pumpkins, some white ones, some orange ones, and even two cool looking squash from Whole Foods. I went out and got the paint, and the glitter… I was ready for an amazing crafting extravaganza… and was sure that I was going to just make some awesome fall decorations on my first try, I mean seriously, how hard can painting some pumpkins be?

DSC02811By the time I had slopped the paint on I realized that this wasn’t really going to be quick.. or easy… or magically turn out perfect in the next hour.


By the time I had gotten the glitter on, half the paint had dried and it looked like a really weird pumpkin balding issue (?) … more paint, more glitter.. runny paint… and a very clear realization that – at least this week – I’m not a really good crafter. Which was funny for me… but I don’t know if I’d call it fun.


DSC02819So for now I’ll stick to buying the beautiful things that other people create – which I am quite sure IS fun for me.

Really, my big discovery in this spectacular defeat in crafting is that everyone is different… and what might be fun for one person might not be for another… what might be beautiful for one person might not resonate with another.

What is right for you? What is fun for you? What resonates with you? I love that my class… and this dumb little crafting disaster… have gotten me kind of re-examining different parts of my life so that I can really discover what is fun for me – that I’m ready to have my own amazing space and not just create it for others… that I’m not super into crafting… and it’s a really exciting adventure… so I encourage you to try something new… and a little different, enjoy the victory if it is spectacular, or the amusement in defeat if that’s how things go… and see if you discover anything new about yourself on the way!

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