The Home Stretch


I swear there is a quote out there about the last certain amount of yards before the end being the hardest – I wish I could remember the exact saying but whatever it is – it’s true. We are so close to wrapping up Lindsey and Doug’s renovation… if we could just get the bathroom vanity taken care of and a few other odds and ends we’d be done. And we are all ready for that.

I kind of love and hate the last few weeks of a project. Things happen really quickly and you see a lot of change – which is awesome. But also it’s this part of the project where the details matter the most – in my opinion anyway – because you can see what worked out wonderfully… or if something is a little off. And if there is a delay during this part of the project, no matter how  short (or long) it feels like forever.

Here is some eye candy of the kitchen cabinet installation and some other progress…

island view

kitchen cabinet install 1There were a lot of guys over at the house every single day – even on weekends – wrapping things up.

kitchen 1kitchen 3

Almost done, still waiting on hardware and the window seat.

pot fillerThe really important thing is that even if you can’t wash your hands in the bathroom yet, you can fill your pot with hot water at the stove. Phew.

closet door

The closet pocket door from the guest room through to the bathroom.

bathroom vanity

The bathroom sink… someday…

stairs afterI love the carpet Lindsey ended up picking for the stair runners.

stair nookand the nook in the stairs down to the basement.

Photos of the wallpaper to come soon… and once we get the vanity, the nook shelf and the trim up in the kitchen we’ll officially be done. Fingers crossed!

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