birthday (month)

If you know me you know that I LOVE my birthday. I used to have an ‘official’ countdown and I have taken the whole month of February as my ‘birthday month’ for quite some time now.

I honestly don’t understand people who don’t love their birthdays – who are you? A weirdo, that’s who.

I am all about energy, and I love the energy of celebration. I mean, if we’re being real here I love to celebrate pretty much anything – not just my birthday. It’s not that I need or want lots of presents, or to spend the month going out a lot or doing anything outside of my normal life, but I think our birthdays are our one special day, that’s all about us, and it’s the day that we celebrate that we are here – living life, having all of our awesome, messy, exciting and scary, happy and sad human experiences… super awesome if you ask me.

This birthday month might not seem like the best on the surface – I’ve had some life hurdles for sure – a car accident and my favorite person ever moving away are just two of the biggies – but I wouldn’t trade them… or even move them to another non-birthday month. Because all the things that happen are giving me something in this life, a good story, or an opportunity to learn, or grow… maybe anything that seems ‘sad’ during my birthday month is really just a cleverly disguised gift… I’m down.

So happy birthday to me. And you – whenever it’s your birthday month.

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