aaand we’re done – phew!

Sometimes it seems like a renovation will never end. Ever. But it finally did for Doug and Lindsey and after we all took a nice long mental break from everything I got back over there and took photos and here they are!

Sometimes I forget just how far we came… and then I look at the before photos again. Click here to see the before and after floor plans.

The kitchen

Pre-renovation, large but inefficient and too small… after, well… what isn’t different?! Under those new cabinet doors are the original cabinets- hard to believe – and the overall layout stayed the same. Everything else is new.

kitchen window_before and after

kitchen fridge_before and after


DSC05701DSC05708 DSC05724

kitchen island DSC05709DSC05712DSC05715

Living Room

Relocating the basement stair, repainting, refinishing the floors and changing the lighting completely transformed the space.

living room front windowsLR_kitchen entry view

stairwaystairwaysstair nook_final

living room facing frontlights_zoom

Laundry & Mud Room

The rear entry became the mudroom/laundry room. It’s a lot for a little space, but it works!

laundry_view to kitchen

laundry room


Remember that old bathroom? Well, nothing remains, the space was totally reconfigured, but for the thrill of reminiscing – here are some before images:

bathroom before images

And here is the after!





  1. Christy

    Looks phenomenal! Your hard work paid off!

    1. Thanks Miss Christy! :)

  2. Wow Nancy, this looks absolutely amazing!! Great work!!

    1. Thanks so much!

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