a new project and a fresh start

I’m pretty excited about my newest project… I’m helping my newest client Belinda design the living and dining areas in her new apartment.

She’s moving from a studio into a one bedroom and is getting rid of everything to have a fresh start and really be able to create her perfect space from scratch.  It’s rare that you meet a client who is starting with a clean slate so I am feeling really lucky here.

Her aesthetic is very modern and minimal and she is very clear that she wants a neutral palette with an accent piece that is more of a focal point and brings a pop of color to the space. She showed me some inspiration images and went through her list of favorite designers for the statement chair – which included legends like Eames, Saarinen and Le Corbusier.  After rattling off this list of major league Architects she’s automatically pretty high on my list of favorite people.

Some of our inspiration:

inspiration imagesWhile we are waiting until the current tenant moves out be able to get measurements of her new space, I am using the overall dimensions from the building and am putting together some initial furniture layouts so that we can make some big picture decisions until we could get all of the dimensions and get into the details. This is the layout of her new space:

willoughby_LL planCan’t wait to share the next steps on this fun project, I feel oh so lucky to be the one to help Belinda bring her new space to life!

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