The beauty of freedom

I was about to post something completely different today when I felt compelled to give a nod to the upcoming holiday tomorrow – good ole’ 4th of July.

Tomorrow’s holiday is about freedom, which is a really fascinating thing that has a lot of positive and negative aspects. You can choose what to do with your freedom, whether it’s good or bad.

Whether you think things in America are wonderful and it’s the picture of success, or completely fucked up and an example of what not to do – I started thinking today that there is, in a way, real beauty in the messiness of everything that comes with freedom. I kind of love that for all the craziness going on everywhere right now… that things somehow coexist, albeit in an spellbinding sort of chaotic way. Here and in many other places in the world.

This is not a post about any controversial cultural issues, or things in America versus other parts of the world – so take a breath and relax if you were getting nervous about where this was about to go.

I’m just taking a moment to observe that – on an energy level – there is immense beauty to be found in the idea of freedom and having the space to use that freedom however you choose. Good or bad. Your choice.

How powerful is that.

You can be open minded and accepting, or rigid and judgmental. You can wear what you want, you can follow the rules or you can break the rules. You can make your own rules. You can be kind or you can hate. You can give and you can take. You can hug or you can lash out. You can forgive or you can resent. You can validate and lift yourself and others up or you can judge and criticize and push others down. All up to you. I love that we have all those choices and also the freedom to make big horrible mistakes – and then hopefully learn and grow from what we experience. To me there is great beauty in all of these dichotomies and that they are all happening here and the sun is still rising each day for us to choose all over again.

Tragedies create opportunities for outpouring of love… for compassion and understanding and learning how to heal and move forward. And triumphs bring exuberant celebration, joy, and happiness.

So happy freedom day… whatever that means for you. I hope you choose something awesome for yourself, tomorrow and every other day.

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