are you creating your space with intention?

This list of ’15 ‘things you should never have in your home after the age of 30’ was making its way around the internet today and it struck me as a great prequel to my next blog post which is all about making room in your life for new things to come in.

The list, featured in Elle Decor, describes what we ‘should’ have outgrown by the time we are 30. Some of the things are kind of right, some are kind of funny, and some are kind of random – I’m sorry but this kid does not always make her bed and doesn’t feel bad about it – but I think the point on a higher level is that really, regardless of our age, isn’t it better to be creating a space with intention that really reflects you, rather than just keeping the randomly accumulated objects because it’s easier than getting new ones? Or it’s easier to just not think about it?

Sometimes (most of the time?) we are so busy putting our attention and energy outside of ourselves – into our obligations and responsibilities to other people and things – that we completely neglect giving ourselves (including our space) the attention and care that we actually deserve.

So if you look around your place and laugh at how many of these sinful things are happening in your space, consider what you might have instead – if you put some attention on yourself, and your space, and could have what you really want… and what that might look like.

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