Why I Appreciate Frustration

frustration revised 3

Before I even start this post I feel compelled to clarify – I don’t exactly appreciate frustration while I’m frustrated. But I do feel that it’s a great emotion – and energy – that in some ways accomplishes a lot more than some of the more pleasant ones we crave so much more.

I think sometimes it’s not the wanting of something amazing that keeps us moving forward as much as it’s the frustration with what’s not working right now that keeps propelling us forward. You’re definitely not going to relax and get too comfortable when you are frustrated.

Hands down one of the weirdest things about humans is our amazing, inexplicable resistance to change. You’d think it was a life threatening disease we can be so afraid of it. Not all the time, but a lot of the time for sure. We get comfy, things are easy, familiar… why change to something different, unfamiliar, potentially terrifying? Ever walk into someone’s house and you look around a start to feel a little panicked thinking maybe you really did just step through a time warp back to some perfectly preserved decade 20 or 30 – or more – years ago? Or notice that some people seem to have stopped cutting their hair or buying new clothes after a certain time – that definitely wasn’t just yesterday? And those are just a couple of small examples. Especially about big things in life, it’s not until we are so insanely frustrated that we just can’t stand it anymore… that we finally make the shift. We also seem to have an astoundingly high tolerance for frustration… I am also constantly marveling at this impressive, if not also completely bizarre human trait.

So we get to a place where we don’t want to change, we don’t realize we’re stuck, or that we’ve just outgrown something… so in comes frustration… to help us see that maybe what we have going on is not so perfect for us anymore… at just the right moment… when we really do need to be changing… to get to something that is perfect for us – right now. It’s just one of many helpful ‘tools’ in life that’s magically there to help us stay in movement, not get stuck and help us be more present in the now, and it’s prepared to stay as long as you need it to… just like a real friend.



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