some projects might never be ‘done’

There’s not a lot of wall space in my tiny place for art, so I decided a while back that I’d create a gallery wall on with what little vertical real estate that I have and have some fun with the art in my space.

I have a couple of photographs that really mean a lot to me. This one is the first ‘big girl’ art purchase that I ever made. I’ve written about it before when I got it re-framed, it’s been over ten years and I’m still just as in love with it as the moment I first saw it. I love the mystery of the scene and the way it gets you wondering what’s happening outside the frame of the image. This one is all by itself on the only other wall in my place.

caitlin phillips_girl at train station_cropAnd this one, by the same artist, that I bought as a ‘gift’ for myself after a tough breakup with a friend, as a reminder to always do the right thing – for the right reasons – even when it might be hard. Every time I look at it it reminds me of this really specific feeling and emotion associated with getting through that time in my life and I really love it.

caitlin phillips_bedI also love that these pieces have deep personal meaning for me and think that this is one of the most powerful things about art. It is so personal and unique for everyone. We see something and, for reasons we might never be able to put into words, are moved and completely fall in love with it. Other people might not understand what you see or feel, but I think it’s almost better that way… and it reminds me of love in real life, the inexplicable connections we have with different people… so beautiful and also mysterious in a way… you can’t explain it, or figure it out, but it feels spectacular and we always want more.

The other pieces are mostly for fun, things that make me smile or are associated with something personal. My parents called me their sunshine when I was a kid, my horse’s shoe, one of my many four leaf clovers as a good luck reminder, and of course, my current personal mantra, “just do what I say.”

art images

Here’s a shot of the wall in progress from a few months ago and a more current one to see how it’s changing and evolving, little by little.

art wall progression

I also have a few more prints that I just have to get framed before they can be added, which will most certainly require some more adjustments to the art wall configuration. These are two prints of paintings by one of my favorite local artists, Pete Nawara, and until I can afford to commission a painting of my own they will do just fine.

pete 2

Sometimes it’s important to get to the finish line with a project but other times the beauty of something is that it’s always growing and changing, to reflect you in the most present time… what you are loving, discovering, and having fun with. Some of these pieces of art most certainly have a permanent place on my wall, and others will come and go as I discover new inspiration and fun to bring into my space.

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