bedroom refresh… take three?

I think that there might be this idea that people who work in design are always super clear about what to do with a space and that we are infinitely inspired all the time.

I wish.

Personally I find that it’s often easier for me to tune into my client’s energy and have clarity for what their space should look and feel like to be a true reflection of them than to do the same thing for myself. I love a lot of different looks and it can be surprisingly hard to settle on one for my own space.

So it’s not really surprising to me that right now I’m having serious commitment issues around redesigning my bedroom space. I’m not replacing any furniture, and since my space is so small, the bedroom ‘refresh’ is really just getting new bedding. But just changing this can completely transform the space and that’s exactly what I’m wanting to do right now.

Sometimes you wake up and you just want or need a change. Whatever is spurring that sensation or desire feels old… not you anymore… It could be your bedroom or any room in your house but it could also be anything in life. I love this feeling… it’s your body and energy saying – hey, we’re changing, it’s time for new things – now! And if you try to ignore it the feeling just will get stronger and stronger, like a diva that just won’t be ignored, until you can’t stand it anymore and the change becomes less scary and uncomfortable than the staying the same – and the good news and bad news is that some things are easier and quicker to change than others – and no matter what, everything is a process – so the big things take more time and we get frustrated because we want the new stuff now, and the smaller things, like bedroom linens, should be easier. Unless you are me apparently.

For a long time I had stark white bedding and fun patterned sheets and I liked it just fine. It felt clean and fun and I liked the simplicity and freshness of that look and because I could always change the sheets whenever I wanted and it wouldn’t get ‘old’ or seem dated.

white bed 3_revised

But after several years pretty much everything was just feeling old and tired… and it certainly wasn’t feeling super cozy or inviting – definitely time for a change… even I wasn’t super stoked about climbing into my bed anymore.

Sometimes you know what the new should look like and other times you aren’t quite sure, you just know that the now isn’t working… that’s more like what I am experiencing with this project… I kept looking and looking and just wasn’t finding anything I totally loved.

I ended up buying a dark gray duvet cover and threw a couple of gray ikat pillows and some of my favorite gold pillows from the sofa on the bed to test them out and try to get a better feel for what I was wanting for the space. I liked the change for maybe two weeks but I wasn’t totally in love with it. Just having something change felt good and as crazy as it sounds it did shift the energy of the space and was feeling better to me, definitely more cozy and inviting… but after a couple of weeks it started seeming too dark… I feel like I’m starting to sounds like goldilocks here… sheesh, but it really wasn’t feeling quite right or really me yet… and if it’s not right it’s not right, so I kept looking.

grey bed front

I like the idea of having patterns and some color, and since winter in the Midwest can be… let’s just say, severe, I was really warming up to the idea of adding at least one more quilt to the mix… looks good and will keep me warm.

I went ahead and bought an ivory quilt… definitely not wanting my new space to still just be a field of ivory and white… but as a layering piece that was a staple and I knew would work with a lot of different things as I kept putting the pieces together…

photo 2_revised

photo 3_revised

Here is the most recent phase of the bedroom space… better, but still not all the way there yet. Also finally getting frames for some new prints I had ordered a few months ago is helping bring things along. Sometimes you can’t put what you are looking for into words… but I want to feel a certain way in my space. Personally, I think that your bedroom is a super sacred space… it should feel safe, inviting, restful and peaceful, but I want all of my spaces to feel inspiring to be in and I really want to love my whole space… no going halfway for me. The space now is nice, but not quite the level of inspiring that I’m looking for or wanting for myself. But in a way having these two intermediate ‘steps’ is helping me discover what is and isn’t working and helping clarify what I’m looking for… and what I’m not wanting.

Trusting my intuition doesn’t always make sense, but I don’t ask too many questions and it doesn’t really ever lead me astray in the end, even if it means a third try at bedding… and this part of my space still isn’t feeling totally ‘right’ to me just yet… and who am I to say no to a little extra shopping?

I came across this image a few weeks back that I am really loving… not necessarily these exact pieces, but the mix of color and pattern, and it feels a lot more like me and the feeling I’ve been looking for…

bedroom inspiration

So I’m excited to get back to this transformation and get my space all ready for hibernation season that’s quickly approaching… stay tuned for (hopefully) the final take on this project!

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