Happy Fri – DAY OFF // the importance of taking a break


merry go round_carl christensen

Hello and Happy Friday!

Today’s post is nice and easy – I’m taking a few days off, for no reason other than wanting a break… a little bit of quiet time away from everyday demands and I’m really realizing just how important this is. Giving ourselves permission to take a break, rest, have some fun, for no ‘reason’; to indulge in whatever strikes your whimsy just for the fun of it.

So often we are so busy keeping up with all of the different responsibilities in our lives that we feel like we need to have a good ‘reason’ to take a break, take a day off, get away and relax and re-energize. It needs to be an official vacation somewhere out of town or, if we stay home for a “stay-cation”, we feel compelled to make the most of our time off and be super productive getting all kind of projects done there.

I definitely struggle with feeling like I always have to be ‘doing’ something… needing to always be productive and starting to feel kind of guilty if I take a day off and am not making good use of every minute, or even if just a weekend goes by and I haven’t filled my time up with ‘worthy’ activities. As a way to kind of ‘turn around’ the ‘doing’ energy I’m always feeling controlled by, I’m taking more time these days and consciously giving myself permission to be a little lazy… to do nothing – at least nothing that would officially be called ‘productive’. But I would argue that being lazy is productive, if that’s what your body is saying it wants – rest… doing ‘nothing’ can be awesome. Slowing down, tuning into your self, giving time to your mind and your body to relax, to wander, imagine, just think about anything with no pressure of giving anyone answers or meeting a deadline.

So I’m enjoying a few days of indulgence and intentional laziness… and I hope that if you haven’t in a while, you’ll indulge in some ‘selfish’ fun too…

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