make sure you answer the door when your dreams show up on your doorstep

dreams at your door

I had an “aha” moment the other day when I was meeting with a potential new client that reminded me of one of the most important things to remember about being able to actually have your dreams: you have to say yes to them when they show up on your doorstep. I know, it’s seems so obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many times people don’t do this – even yourself, and you might never even know it.

So often we don’t even realize when we are saying no to our dreams… because we would never do that, right? But there they are, showing up, knocking on our door – usually in ways we never could have imagined them arriving, so we aren’t necessarily expecting them, it’s not looking exactly like what we anticipated – and you’d think we’d jump for joy, wrap our arms around it squealing with excitement and give them a big bear hug hello… nope. We get excited and have that ‘ohmygod, this is amazing’ moment but then we get nervous, we hesitate, we doubt, we get overwhelmed and start to back away… uummm…. maybe this is too much for me right now… it’s not the right time… am I in over my head? Is this even for real?… this can’t be for real, it’s too good somehow… blah blah blah… and we take a pass… there it is, the thing we want… or (very often) something that is maybe a smaller ‘everyday scale’ step toward that big dream we are wanting… but we still can’t quite do it… we can’t quite get there…

The best way to clear all that doubt, uncertainty, and accidental ‘no thanks’ behavior away so that we can connect to what we really want is to tune in to ourselves and our intuition… people tend to over think and over analyze pretty much everything, when most of the time you can get to your truth just by asking yourself whether something feels right or wrong… deep down, intuitively. Because the small presents and dreams that show up won’t always be familiar and they definitely won’t always make sense, or be dressed in the packaging you might have been expecting, with a tag on it that says ‘hey, I’m what you’ve been wanting, open me now!’. So the only way to really have your biggest dreams is to say yes to the small pieces of them as they arrive, one by one. If we can just get over that surprising hurdle of saying yes, the fears that ‘we won’t have time’ or ‘it will be too much’ – whatever your ‘no’ excuse is – disappear, and the having is actually easier than ever, even if it looks silly or is something you never could have fathomed… especially then.



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