there’s really no place like home

no place like home

Like lots of people over the holidays, I went out of town for a few days this past week. Seeing family, or just going on vacation for a little escape can be really nice, but as I got home and walked through my door I realized the power behind the age old saying “there’s no place like home”.

I’ve talked before about “home” being your own haven in the world, your very own space that, at its best, is a true reflection of your unique energy, the place where you feel the most safe, can really relax, recharge and be inspired. But I’m not sure I’ve ever really felt what that is for myself so distinctly until walking through my door after this last trip. Maybe it’s because my place is {finally} almost ‘finished’ and so it’s more me than ever… maybe I was just really happy to be home, I’m not sure, but as I walked through the door after my trip I felt more consciously relaxed / content / happy than I ever have in my space before. These days I really love my space, maybe for the first time ever, and maybe it sounds silly – but it feels pretty amazing.

So I hope you had a great holiday, have a amazing new year and here’s wishing you a home that feels even better to come back to than the best vacation.

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