The Beauty of Stillness


Today is such a beautiful snow day. At least in Chicago.

There is a distinct energy and feeling when it snows. Especially in the moments before people have gotten up and rushed outside to start shoveling… or playing. It’s a really profound stillness, a quiet, that emerges. I’m not sure I’ve experienced this specific quality of energy as distinctly any other time than when I’m outside in that white blanket of tranquility.

There’s a hush that falls over everything… it’s perfectly quiet… perfectly still…

For me there’s an almost intangible beauty, a feeling you can’t quite put words to, when you get to be in, and connect with, this energy.

There are so many times, maybe everyday, when we are literally bombarded by the world. Responsibilities, obligations, should’s, have-to’s, need-to’s, deadlines, rushing… it’s amazing we make it through the day if you ask me.

How often to do we give ourselves the gift of peace and quiet. Of doing nothing, having space, connecting with stillness.

Imagine if you could clear out all of the distraction that you handle at any given moment, connect with stillness, tune into yourself, and suddenly have all the room you need, to operate from a totally different place. A place of seniority, and ownership for yourself. Especially during times where you are going through something that would typically add stress even when we are ready for it – like moving… or starting a renovation… changing jobs… opening yourself up in a new relationship… I think you get my drift :)

Enjoy the snow day… and this beautiful stillness.



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