Happy (it’s finally starting to feel like) Spring


Apparently I’ve been quasi hibernating for the past couple of months. The long winter is the one downside of this Windy City I happily call home, it seems like it lasts forever. I love it, I just get a little grumpy when we are in our millionth month of it. If I could really have my way, I would have gladly been actually hibernating for these last few miserably cold months and would happily still be in bed, where it’s nice and warm and cozy and much much happier than what mother nature has had going on outside.

But it’s finally starting to feel like spring, {YAY!} and I’m coming out of my self imposed isolation and getting more movement happening. Like always, I have a lot of things going on, and these days I have some exciting new things happening {that I’ll definitely be sharing very soon} so I’ve really been thinking a lot about that transition and the energetic qualities of new growth – kind of like what’s going on outside right now.

Every time we start something new, in addition to whatever level of excitement we have, it’s not unusual to be feeling some kind of uncertainty and fear. It’s not super comfortable to not be an expert. {And as soon as I can figure out the way to fast forward straight through this to total pro, I’ll let everyone know.} But the reality is, this is part of the process for everyone no matter what. Every master out there, even people who are naturally gifted at things like sports or music or science, you name it, they didn’t come out of their momma an expert. They practice, and hone their craft, they learn and grow, a little everyday… until one day, after lots of days of maybe not being able to see any visible difference, you wake up and you can’t believe how far you’ve come.

In my winter semi-hibernation I was so excited and impatient for spring, any kind of movement/change that I could see and feel really, that I went out and bought all of these seeds to start growing plants. It was still snowing outside but I just wanted it, right then. I planted a bunch of seeds and had a dozen containers strewn over all over my kitchen counter. I actually wasn’t sure they would even grow, and for almost a month there was nothing. Then all the sudden there they were, so many little plants! It seemed like they just appeared like magic while I wasn’t looking. But really they were growing all that time, I just couldn’t see it until a certain point. Just like when we start something, there are days, or weeks, or months of small growing before we see the bigger results, but growth is happening, even if we can’t see it.

If you are somewhere warmer than Chicago I hope you are soaking up the beautiful spring, and taking a few moments to give a little intentional ‘energetic’ hello to any new growth that might be happening in your life – whether you can see it yet or not!


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