Moving on My Mind – Making Space for Change

Sometimes the biggest changes aren’t ones we can see right away, but the shifts or changes that make room for things to start happening. I’ve really been feeling this a lot lately. A few months ago I did all of the paperwork to officially be practicing real estate again. It has been something I love and am excited about for a while, but I had put it on hold for a few years, and it was a big deal for me to even ‘make it official’ again. No one can visibly see anything different about me, but just that one step made a lot more room for things to start changing and moving more in my work space.

Similarly, I had a big realization with my home space just this week {I’m really beginning to feel and realize that this is going to be a year full of lots of change, in every area of my life ~ deep breaths!}. Right now I live alone in my super tiny but super cute place, and I also currently have the worst. neighbor. ever.

I’ve had many bad/crazy roommate scenarios in the past (I could definitely write a decent book based on my experiences), which is one reason I live alone, and love it. My neighbor is so awful and invasive on such a regular basis that on more than one occasion I have accidentally referred to him as my roommate. Even though he is never physically in my home. It’s so ridiculous sometimes I can’t help but laugh, which helps, a little.

So anyway, onto the big ‘ah ha’ moment.  I’ve been in my place for a little over two and a half years now, and as I was telling friends yet another story about some amazing way my neighbor manages to be a complete disturbance, I found myself following up with ‘ but I really love my place, and I don’t want to move’. And the more I thought about it, I started questioning, just how much do I still love my place?

The endless neighbor saga might have gotten me thinking about this, but really he was just the catalyst. Well, for sure, it’s cute inside, and I pretty much have it ‘finished’ {I don’t think any designer’s house is every actually ‘finished’}, but when I stopped to redo the pros and cons list, I had to admit – the pros really aren’t winning anymore.

new pros cons

This place was perfect for me, almost three years ago. Here’s what my old pro/con list looked like compared to the present day list.

old pros consEven the most super psychic intuitive of us out there can get stuck energetically ‘in the past’ and not realize the slow shift of something changing from something we love to something that really isn’t right for us anymore. Most of the time things don’t change from ‘great for us’ to ‘wrong for us’ overnight. So it can be hard to see when they really aren’t working anymore. Three years ago my place was great for me. Now, in present time, it really isn’t serving me or my needs anymore. And I have to say, it might just be a tiny apartment, but that moment of realization was a little bittersweet for me, as realizing you are ready to let go of something that meant anything to you should be. It just signifies that it held some importance to you, on any number of levels. Whether it’s an apartment, a person, a job, maybe even a car, a sofa… anything.

How often do we feel certain that we still love something, or something is working for us, when really, it just isn’t? This can be really hard to see sometimes. Especially when at one time in the past, said thing was really working and we have a very real emotional attachment to it, because we put our energy into it, we invested ourselves in it…

It was a big moment for me to realize that my place, that was perfect, isn’t right for me anymore, and that one realization, in that one moment, changed everything. Having certainty just in what is or isn’t right for you, can make a lot of space for what you are really wanting to be able to show up in your life. Before this I wasn’t even open to the possibility of moving or of having anything more, or better, in my living space. Even if I did see something at an amazing deal, I wasn’t open to it being a possibility for me. Now, in the moment of realizing, holy canoli, my place really isn’t super great for me at all anymore, I’m unhappy or frustrated more than I’m happy… everything shifts.

Sometimes the biggest change can be in just making something official. In ‘deciding’, we gain certainty, and everything else seems to just fall into place.

Just imagine what amazing things are just waiting for us to let go of what isn’t serving us in the highest and best way anymore?

fuzzy flowers 2


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