Here, Have Some Free Fortune


fortune cookies

Earlier this week someone walked up and gave me a bag of free fortune. It was amazing, I’ll explain…

I totally believe that everyone is psychic. We all have that inner voice, that gut feeling, the only question is – are you someone who is in touch with your intuition and listen to it, or are you someone who has turned it off and lives life by the compass of ‘logistical’, ‘practical’, ‘logical’, ‘responsible’, no matter what any other part of yourself might be feeling at any moment.

Either way, everyone deals with feelings of doubt and insecurity or wondering if what they want is ‘too much’ when they go to take a step toward having more of their dreams in their lives.

Here’s what usually happens…

Last week’s post about realizing it’s time to move sounded really certain right? You realize something isn’t working, you want to change, take the step, get the new thing, everything is great, right? Not exactly. Right after that, a funny thing happened to me that happens to most people. We want something, we decide that it’s okay to want it, we get excited about what’s next – and then we proceed to panic/freak out {maybe you don’t even realize this part happens} and dive head first into having to ‘solve’ it, figure it out, make it make sense, know how it would or could ‘logistically’ happen, or act like you don’t really want that huge thing, you go ahead and want something less because well, I have no idea, people are crazy.

Really, it’s about not wanting to be vulnerable or get hurt, because if you wanted that huge thing and really put yourself out there and didn’t get it, the pain might not be bearable or we might feel like a failure, so we play it safe, convince ourselves we want something smaller, more ‘reasonable’, we’ll settle for wanting less, to somehow make it more likely to happen, to avoid being hurt. Except that then we don’t get our real dream. To sum it up.

This is totally happening to me right now with moving, and happens on various levels to people I work with on both design projects and in real estate. Making your dreams smaller, playing it safe – it limits how much of your dream you can really have. You get all invaded by energy that isn’t you, making you feel like only certain things are possible, or there’s no way you will be able to find your biggest dream house, or something that amazing in your price range… what a buzz kill. But even if you know all of those doubts aren’t your truth, it’s kind of hard to push them away and trust that your biggest dream can actually happen.

It happens to everyone all the time, the most important question is whether we realize it so that we can pull our train our of invalidation station and get on to getting what we really want. So how do you figure that out, where’s the aha moment?

Two things really help, remembering to check in with yourself when you are feeling a lot of doubt or invalidation and actually ask yourself, does this even feel like me? If it feels like shit, the answer is no, I promise. And amusement. They both work wonders.

Last week I was standing at the bus stop, in kind of a bad mood for like twenty different reasons, including my freak out about finding a new place, and this guy walks by handing out free fortune cookies. It might sound dumb and silly, but that teeny tiny moment was all it took for me to find my amusement, and to realize that all of that pressure to want less/figure it out/be realistic, wasn’t even me. You’re giving away fortune? Of course I’ll take some, thanks! I literally got a bag of free fortune just standing out on the street. It just showed up. I remembered that things really can be that easy, kicked some of that ‘things don’t just show up’ ‘impossible’ energy out the door, and got back to being excited about finding my new amazing place to live.

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