Self Care and Tuning Back Into Ourselves

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Today I was getting ready to dive back into active blogging life again with a really good post about real estate and suddenly had second thoughts. This is the second time since I’ve started this blog that I’ve had an unexpected/unplanned writing hiatus for a few months… and I’m sure I’m not the only one one around who’s experienced any period of time where you feel a little . . . uninspired . . . maybe a little burned out from life in general. So I thought – maybe I should write a little about that first.

Whether you consider yourself a ‘creative’ person or not, at one point or another we all have times where we feel a little {or a lot} uninspired.

With all of the demands on our attention and energy sometimes even the most self aware and in tune people can get a little… disconnected from themselves. I have been dealing with this gross funk for the past few months to varying degrees. Just kind of feeling meh

Like all the sudden everything was the most boring shade of real estate beige…

When I would typically be excited to write or post something new here, I felt totally uninspired and like I have absolutely nothing to say… if you have ever met me you know that this is completely untrue. Even when I actually have nothing to say I’ll probably still tell you, in a pretty animated way, all about that.

When I would think about going to the gym all I could hear was the inner urgings to go home and lie on the couch… for like a week… and eat pizza…

When I would be sitting down to meditate all I wanted to do was, well… anything else

Sensing a pattern?

It seems like when this happens, it’s easy to just disengage from all but the bare minimum of your life. Withdraw. I did it for sure. And I realized that I wasn’t withdrawing from the things that were probably sapping my energy the most, I withdrew from the parts of my life that I loved most – writing, taking care of my health and body at the gym, meditating, even a little from developing and growing in my business.

So what did that leave me with… a few pretty uninspired months and a lot of just going through the motions of fulfilling responsibilities to others that really weren’t fulfilling.

But I realized something pretty big… how often do we start to feel a little overwhelmed, or a little worn out – our bodies or emotions are telling us that we need to slow down, bring a little more of our attention inward, back onto ourselves, but what we end up doing is ignoring this feeling until we are so burned out and uninspired that we disengage from all but the most essential of our responsibilities. Or we get sick or get hurt. We tend to take less care of ourselves at the precise moment that we need to be spending more time on us.

It wasn’t really until I stopped ignoring a lingering shoulder injury {from all the way back in February} and started focusing on myself, my own body/health/energy/emotions, before everything else, that things really started to shift on a deep, meaningful level. I noticed that the most on the days that I meditated, even when I’d rather do anything else… or I went to the gym, even though I’d rather do anything else. I felt so much better than I even did on a normal day when I wasn’t in like a thousand percent resistance to it. Refueled, re-energized… like my normal self again, so validating. Funny how that works. I got an MRI on my shoulder and it turns out I had a really bad cartilage tear. I scheduled surgery and also met an amazing new client {basically all in the same week} and we got to work on a whirlwind renovation that I can’t wait to show you. Literally – I shifted my energy back onto me and things started to shift and move again.

Sometimes we get so filled up with other energy there is literally not any room for ourselves in our own space anymore. That never feels good. And ignoring it, or going into a slightly vegetative state on the couch isn’t going to change things either.

When I started being active doing things to take care of myself, to nourish my body, my energy and my creativity, that’s when the funky energy cleared, things started to move, and I felt like myself again.

Like magic.

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