Hang out with me today at the Pullman House Tour!


I’m heading to the Southside today for the Pullman House Tour!

Pullman is a really beautiful historic neighborhood founded by George Pullman, a railroad magnate. He was a trailblazer in his time and built an entire community for his employees. There are different types and sizes of house for the different levels of employees and they each had certain distinct characteristics and were grouped together in different areas. There are row houses for the workers in three widths, twelve feet, fifteen feet and seventeen feet. Yes, you read that right, can you even imagine a twelve foot wide house??

One of my close friends from grad school lives in one of the fifteen foot row houses, and it’s actually more comfortable than you would think… they did a gut rehab themselves {it helps to be an Architect with an Interior Design background and have a husband who is in construction}, and let me just say – that was a transformation! Maybe she’ll share her before and after photos with me so that I can share them here, it’s a good one, for sure.

I love going on Architecture tours and seeing historic homes and the interiors… seeing how people inhabit them today and imagining the people and personalities of the original inhabitants, and what the spaces looked and felt like brand new.

So if you want to take a peek and hang out with me virtually today just look me up on my Instagram – fancyhavenmaven {there’s a link on my homepage too}. Hope to see you there!

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