Uptown Kitchen Transformation – In Progress

One of my favorite things about renovations is seeing the progress as the space transforms, so I’m super excited to be able to share that with you for this project. I’d already mentioned before that we decided to keep the existing cabinets and repaint them. This is an awesome way to get a big change for a lot less cost, and these kitchen cabinets were a classic style and in good condition, so it really made sense to keep them. So how do kitchen cabinets get re-painted you ask?

Well, for starters – I would not consider this a DIY project (unless you are a painter). But once you have a painter, they actually paint the cabinets right in the space. The doors are removed and painted separately (the hardware is also removed and then re-installed, which is important especially if you are replacing the hardware – be sure you know what you are going to be using before they repaint them so they can account for any new screw locations!) and cabinet frames are sprayed and then everything is put back together. We were changing the counter so the old one was removed also, but that’s not necessary in order to re-paint.

After the right number of coats everything is put back together and then you’re done!

Here’s what things look like in progress…

in progress cabinet refinishing

The kitchen – almost done… would you ever guess that these cabinets used to be a totally different color? Best. Change. Ever.

kitchen almost complete

And here are some more in-progress photos to see the transformation of the living room…

living room in progress

Just the fireplace alone is a huge transformation.

fireplace in progress

Even without changing anything else this makes such a huge difference. Can’t wait to show you final pics!


  1. This looks AMAZING! We love the dark base cabinet and light uppers. The color palette is beautiful! Well done :)

    1. Thanks so much guys!!

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