You’ll never really be ‘ready’, so what are you waiting for?


I saw this quote the other day and I thought – yep, he pretty much nailed it. Except that now is better. Always.

I’ve started several new things this year, and am getting the momentum that I want in some areas more than others… so I’ve been really looking for myself at where have I been taking steps and where have I been a little afraid or hesitant?

I’m realizing that, at least for myself, often when I’m thinking of what I want to create, what I’m picturing is that thing more fully developed than the next step I will literally take to start to bring it to fruition. We see really successful people, or people who just have some aspect of their life that’s working the way we dream of having our life, and we forget that there are many many everyday small steps in between there and where they started.

It often feels like such a big distance between where we are now and where we want to be… especially when what we are wanting is something we really care about.

But sometimes the smallest shifts or steps can begin to create huge changes in our life.

Breaking that big dream of a thing down into smaller pieces also helps clear some of that intimidating fear away. Everyone has that weird invalidating inner voice {that isn’t really even yours}, sneaking in with thoughts like –

                            I probably couldn’t really be successful doing that…

                            A love that amazing could never be real.. 

                            My house could never look that beautiful…

                            I could never afford to go on a trip like that… 

The more important or big deal something is, the bigger that ‘it can’t happen’ voice gets. But it starts to seem far less scary when you have to hear that voice and then remind yourself that you are just taking a small step… it starts making the dream a lot more tangible and real, and less like you’re putting everything on the line all at once… at least it does for me.

You name the dream, doubt will show up – but do something to make it even the smallest bit more real anyway.

Give yourself permission to take just one small step in the direction of your dreams. Maybe it’s just making a collage of what your house would look like if you could have everything you wanted. You don’t even have to buy a thing yet. Maybe it’s letting that amazing person you care for know you are thinking about them, just saying hi could end up feeling amazing. Maybe it’s just letting people know that you are taking a step in a new direction with your work, it could be what gets things in movement.

All of those things are tiny steps but could actually be a really big deal. I’m taking time in my own life to pinpoint important dreams where I’ve been a little afraid to take a step, and I’ll be sharing more specifically about them very soon! What small {but really big} steps are you going to take?!

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