Maybe you’ve never thought about meditation… but maybe you should!


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I don’t usually advertise events here, and I’d be perfectly happy keeping my meditation school my own little magical secret, but this place is pretty awesome, and so if you were ever thinking about maybe checking out a meditation class – this is the one to take. InVision is offering their signature Psychic Meditation Class for the last time this year starting this week.

I started to write some of my own story to share what a profound impact it has had on my life.

But then it got really long.

So I’ll save that for some other, maybe a few other, posts and just share a little here:

I grew up a really awesome people pleaser, I did everything ‘right’. I was a really good ‘good girl’.  I followed the rules and everyone was ‘proud’ of me. When I was 27 I found out that I had skin cancer. When I was 28 I lost my job in the Great Recession. I’m super strong and really awesome at overcoming really huge life hurdles, but after getting through both of those experiences I felt drained and like even afterwards that I wasn’t having the life I dreamed of… that I was stuck in survival and struggle… and I wanted things to change. I didn’t want to always be overcoming some huge challenge. I wanted my dreams and I wanted to be creating my life, instead of just feeling like my life was happening to me and I was constantly surviving in it or overcoming these ridiculously hard circumstances. So I took a chance and took this meditation class at InVision and literally everything started to change.

That is a very short version of what I think are some pretty great stories, but because I really don’t think I can ever put what my experience has been at InVision into words in a way that really does it justice, here are a couple of quotes that two of my former teachers, Christopher and Renee, have recently shared about the upcoming class. They are just two of the many spectacular teachers {and people} I have met at InVision. They really do just put it perfectly:

“It’s amazing to consider the parts of ourselves that we unconsciously sacrifice for the sake of not rattling those around us.

We will push ourselves to just 60% of our potential in order to maintain fairness within our communities and peer groups.

We actually waste so much emotional energy trying to keep our brightness under wraps, settling for much less than we are craving and capable of having for ourselves.

The spirit of us takes a beating and our bodies are left bored and underwhelmed. Depression hovers around the corner…
This dynamic is more pronounced for some, subtly in the background of day to day life for others. This is a huge sacrifice to make, and what is the return?

It is worth acknowledging the areas in our lives that we have been… dissatisfied. It’s never that we are incapable, it’s simply that we haven’t allowed ourselves to have what we actually want. 
The waiting game is no fun!

Time to turn up the volume and live out loud! 
Isn’t it those that shake the ground, rock the boat, and soar high that inspire us all to find our own way!? “

– Christopher Rhodes

So if any of that resonated with you you might still be wondering – well, why would I take a meditation class though?

Well, here are some reasons from Renee {which really, self, you couldn’t come up with these? sheesh}:

Because you want your life to be about you
Because you feel stuck and want things to flow again
Because you want to get something new going
Because you are oversensitive to other people’s feelings
Because you want to let go of things
Because you want to set boundaries
Because you are living an ok life but seem to have misplaced your enthusiasm and joy
Because you know there is something more
Because, deep down, you know turning on your Psychic Abilities would be a blast!

-Renee Picard

All of these things were reasons I took the class, and continued through their clairvoyant program, even if I wasn’t consciously aware of it at the time. If any of this resonates with you, this is totally a class you would love.

It starts this week and is available in person in Chicago and also online.  The cost is $300 or $275 if you register online before the class starts. Now is the best time to make your life all about you – here is the link! <3

InVision Psychic Meditation Class


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