Uptown Renovation Wrap-up – Living Room Options

Eugenia’s renovation was a little bit of a two step project. There were the big projects that needed to be completed before the move in – refinishing the cabinets, painting the space and installing the new lights and ceiling fan, and then there was planning for the rest of the space in a way that Eugenia and her husband could implement over time at their own pace.

There were several pieces that were coming along with the move, the sofa and the dining table and chairs {and one train table not shown that is a cute, but temporary, toy/play space for her little boys… and just a soon as they are willing to part with it a big people coffee table can move in!}.

existing furniture

sofa // dining arm chair / dining side chair // table

We had talked about wanting colorful and fun furniture and energy for the space, and we had already selected the paint and lighting, so I took these pieces as my starting point and put together a few options mixing other elements together.


sconce {similar, this one was a serious contender!} // pendant // console table // stools // coffee table // side table // rug {similar} // pouf // curtain rod // curtains // throw pillowfinishes_2

table/stools // rug // pillows

finishes_option 3

stools // coffee table // rug

You can see that pieces overlap between palettes, and also just changing one element like a rug, pillows or a table, can bring in a little bit of another aesthetic and shift the overall feeling of the space… not a ton, but in a more subtle way.

Really, all the pieces I selected work together which is great because it gives Eugenia more flexibility to create her space and have it evolve and look amazing over time, without feeling like she has to buy only certain specific pieces, or that if she adds something else in that it will feel off somehow.

Additionally, since she wanted a solution that she could create on her own over time and that was budget conscious, everything we selected is available from major retailers and smaller, more local designers as opposed to companies that sell only to the trade. I love mixing things from big stores as well as unique finds from local designers and vintage pieces for a space that really feels, well – real… and is a true reflection of someone that only continues to grow and feel more and more like home!

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