Love and affinity -it might just be the biggest deal

I’ve been thinking a lot about affinity lately.. you’re love for something. And how much of it we have {or not} in our everyday life.

Have you ever walked into a space, met someone, or discovered something in life and your whole self kind of falls in love in a whole new way? You feel excited, inspired, different parts of you awaken and you feel like you discover a new level of how much you can love and feel for something? You can’t always explain it or make sense of it, but you know it when you feel it. It’s pretty exciting.

Love… affinity… is different for everyone. How much of it someone can have for themselves is different for everyone. Personally, I love love, it’s kind of the biggest deal and I want as much as possible, in all of my life.

With all of these big life changes I have going on I’ve been thinking about one of my favorite people on earth a lot lately. I haven’t spoken with them in a while and I’ve definitely been missing them more than usual. In getting to know them, I really fell in love with who they were as a person, the essence of them as a human being. And I also felt like they really saw me, and appreciated me for the essence of who I am… which was really touching and validating, to be seen and valued on that level. I was super aware of how I felt and took a lot of care to make sure this person knew how much they mattered to me.

Another friend of mine once told me that she reminds her husband that “you can’t be lazy in love”. Exactly. But I think that applies to everything really. It applies to life.

How actively and with how much care and intention are we nurturing, and nourishing, our lives so that we can have that awesome, exciting, energizing level of affinity more often, in a more everyday way…

As I take new big steps in life I am thinking a lot about the level of affinity I had with that one person, as well as in other times and situations, and it’s becoming a beautiful guide as I move forward, helping me set an entirely new tone in my life. As well as a reminder to have intention and nurture everything that I have a strong affinity for, so that that feeling is more and more of what I have everyday in my life.

So where are areas that you have that magical inspiring affinity in life… and where maybe could you use a little more nurturing? Maybe it’s time to up your love game in some spaces <3

flower heart



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