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Even if it’s the most boring year of your life, it’s still a big year for everyone…

Personally, it’s been a huge year for me.

But before I could get my big news put together and finish reworking everything to do an official relaunch… the Cubs went and won the World Series – after only 108 years – kind of a huge deal, especially here in Chicago…. and then we had the election… with a pretty surprising outcome.

How can I compete with either of those things?!

First the Cubs stole my thunder and then the Election rained on my parade. I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever get this thing back up and running.

But in the past month since the election, while there have been an abundance of things I have thoughts and opinions about and could definitely write (a lot) about, one thing in particular is pretty fascinating to me:

Donald Trump doesn’t want to move to the White House.


Aside from the $1 million {or more} per day that it will cost Americans for him and his family to stay, even part time, at Trump Tower in New York, his resistance to physically moving into the White House is a big deal for a few other reasons.

One thing I see all the time in Real Estate is that people say they are ready to move, but they really aren’t ready. We could find them the perfect place, better than what they even asked for and for a great price, but they can’t pull the trigger and submit an offer. Too much of their energy and emotions are still in their current space… they aren’t ready for the new thing so they literally physically can’t make the move. It could be for a million different reasons but the result is the same and so they can’t have the new space, the new thing, be real.

So when Trump said he doesn’t want to live in the White House, that maybe he’ll be President from his penthouse in the Trump Tower in New York… or maybe he’ll just live in the White House part time, I heard a lot more than just his preference for gilded décor.

People say they are ready for something new, but they aren’t really ready if they can’t follow all the way through to have the new thing. If you aren’t ready emotionally… or energetically… to move, you definitely won’t be able to do it physically. What’s happening physically is a reflection of what’s happening energetically. Always.

Part of being President is living in the White House… but he doesn’t want to do that part. Why does it even matter where the President live you ask? Well…

Architecture can carry a lot of symbolism. The White House is a symbol for the United States as a country, freedom, and democracy (even if we aren’t technically a pure democracy), just to name a few. And many other buildings in this country, and many other buildings across the world that are symbols for their countries and culture as well.

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s new series The Crown, it’s worth checking out. It’s all about the early reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and starts just before she takes the throne after her Father’s unexpected death. In one of the first few episodes they cover this exact issue. The new Queen and Prince Charles didn’t want to live in Buckingham Palace and wanted to stay at Clarence House because – what does it matter where the Queen lives, she’s still the Queen after all, right? But at the end of the day, in the spirit of fully embracing her role and the message that it would send to the country, and the world, they moved.

If the President doesn’t actually live in the White House, that sends a loud message without saying a word. Is the President really fully engaged in his role… or is some (or a lot of) his energy still in his old life – and literally, in his old penthouse.

If Trump isn’t willing to move out of his gilded Tower in the NY sky and move in to the White House as President, is he really moving out of being a businessman whose primary incentive is self-gain and personal profit, and into a Presidency that’s about putting an entire nation of people before yourself? Can he go from putting himself first, to putting himself last and everyone else first? Trump’s new life as President is at the entirely opposite end of a spectrum from his old life, and that’s a move I’m not convinced he thought about, or is even remotely ready to actually make for real.

And we can see that in just this one simple instance, in his unwillingness to embrace living in the White House. But maybe if we start putting gilded accessories around the place he’ll start to warm up to the idea…


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