My favorite gold accents & accessories to brighten up your space

There are so many super fun and great looking gold accents and accessories right now, even if you don’t have gold hardware in your kitchen, you can still totally get in on ~ what I think is ~ the best trend in a long time.

Here are some of my favorite gold accessories/accents that you can easily integrate into your space. Instant upgrade and refresh.

Installing a new light fixture is actually pretty easy and will totally transform a room. These two from West Elm are really beautiful, totally affordable and you can use them in lots of different spaces whether it’s your living room, and entry, or even your bedroom that you want to transform. {Mobile Chandelier  // Pelle Fixture }

WE light fixtures.jpg

A fun mirror can add something fun to any space, they are easy to work into a gallery wall, or to finish off an entryway. I love these two sunburst mirrors from Wisteria. {sunburst on the scene mirror // soleil mirror}

sunburst mirrors.jpg

Whether you have a gallery wall with many different finishes and styles of frames or are going for a more symmetrical layout, gold picture frames should definitely be part of the mix. I am in love with these polished brass frames from West Elm and am in the process of reworking my own gallery wall {stay tuned for after pics soon!}

gold frames.jpg

Nothing is better than a beautiful object to top off some coffee table books or as a unique shelf accent. Love this gold skull and these gilded flowers from my absolute favorite Chicago spot Jayson Home & Garden, but really I could walk in and pick up anything and would be in love, this place is seriously the best. I go there all the time to just be in the energy of their space and get inspired! {brass skull // gilded ceramic flowers}

jayson table accents.jpg

Another Jayson fav are these gold leaf cocktail glasses . And for a bit more of a steal, these super cute stemless wine and champagne glasses from Cost Plus, bring on the cocktails!


I could really go on forever.. but I’ll wrap up with some super cute kitchen accessories. Maybe once my kitchen is stocked with these I’ll start cooking again, lol!

gold kitchen accessories 2.jpg

Clockwise from top left: This darling tray, measuring cups & spoons and whisk are all from Target {!!} {instagram photo by @ivansocal} / brass and mirror trays / cheese knives / serving utensils / gold flatware



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