My non-resolution resolutions


Last year I had so many huge life changes and it was amazing. This year I want to take everything I achieved to a new level, and also work on having more of certain things in my life. So I decided this year to do a different kind of resolution… more like non-resolution resolutions. I’m usually not a resolution kind of person. I wasn’t ever really successful, and felt like there was this idea that January was the only time anyone made any big changes… but this year I’m making some less traditional resolutions and I’m loving them.

1. Own Everything: this might be my favorite. I’ve been making my way {albeit slowly} through Grace Bonney’s new book “In the Company of Women” and came across this from one the women featured. She was asked “what’s the best piece of advice you were given when starting out? Her answer: “Own everything.”” This is something I can do in everything, no matter how big or small. How is my energy right now, am I owning this day… this moment… this experience? And if not, how can I shift {in any moment} and own it for myself.

2. More Permission: this can seem so abstract, but permission is a deal! How much permission do you have for… anything? I notice this come up for me all the time, feeling like I can’t do something, whether it’s something that I don’t do because I feel like I shouldn’t or can’t, or something that I do, but can’t really really enjoy for whatever dumb reason… This year is about having more permission… as a way of existing in my life, to have more of what I want and not be invaded by invalidation or limits on what I can have. It’s both really abstract and really real all at once, and it’s a big deal!

3. More play: I think adults tend to lose their connection to play. I was definitely the good girl growing up and am always responsible and know that sometimes it can be hard to really let go and have fun, or even just play around and be silly and well, play. So this year I want to have more fun, more laughing and play, more flirting and amusement and ease, to reconnect to those parts of myself and bring those things into more of my life!

4. More Earth Energy: I want to literally be out in nature more this year, living in a big city sometimes the closest I get to nature is the produce section of the grocery store. Being in nature and away from everything manmade and digital is so healthy and healing for our bodies, and I’m more than past due. It’s time to have stronger, and real connection with the Earth, with Mother Nature, the energy of the earth and honestly, it’s majesty… I am so in awe of everything this big ‘ole Earth can do!

5. More stillness: I often fill my days up, whether it’s productively or not, and by the time I go to bed, I haven’t had a moment that wasn’t occupied by something… the computer, other people, racing through a to-do list, TV, Facebook, Instagram, blah blah blah. It’s time for some space, some stillness, and this year I’m making space for this for myself each day.

6. Read more books: These next two are more measurable and ‘real’, but ohmygod I am on the computer all day, I am on social media a LOT… and if i’m being honest with myself I might watch more TV than I feel comfortable admitting. I have so many books that I want to read, that I’m excited about, that I’m sure are amazing, but many days I’m so spent by the time I get home that I just veg out. This year I’m literally carving out ‘reading time’ each day, just like when I was a kid, so that I have more permission {see how that works?!} to sink into a good book just for fun.

7. Write more: It might be at the end of the list, but this is a very important one to me. I love writing but I often never specifically make time for it on a daily basis and am trying to just squeeze it in here and there.  So this year I’m making time to write every day. Every single day. Even if it’s just a half hour, even if I don’t write one day, I can’t use that time for anything else. I’m super excited to see how it transforms my connection to my creativity and my relationship with writing itself.

8. Am I Number 1?: It’s so easy to put other people first, to put everyone else first, how often am I last on the list? I’m sure this is a thing for many many other people as well, but this year I’m making sure that I’m spending time each day putting my energy toward my passions, my dreams, making my life exactly what I want it to be.

In general I’m becoming more and more aware of where my energy and attention is, and where it isn’t. And instead of focusing on cutting anything out of my life, or focusing on getting what I don’t have right now… or what isn’t the way I want ~ putting my energy and attention there ~ I’m putting my energy and attention in what I do want, what gives me a richer experience of my life, and connects me with more of my own energy, dreams and desires, which is exactly what I want!


I hope you have an empowering and inspiring list of resolutions for your upcoming year, I have a feeling it’s gonna be amazing!

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