Bringing color into the Kitchen

A few posts back was all about refreshing the white kitchen, but there are a few other trends happening on the horizon that are super fun… and colorful!

More and more often you are seeing some really fun, and really beautiful different colors being used for kitchen millwork. I’m so excited to see more color in people’s spaces overall.

Here are some amazing spaces, from more understated grays to pastels and playful mint green {it’s having a moment, yay!} to rich darker and bold colors, they are all beautiful. And none are all white, and I love that :)

Light Grays & Pattern

You don’t necessarily have to stray far from white… these kitchens are beautiful, understated and subtle, {still very neutral} but my favorite part is that they incorporate patterned floors to add a fun and unexpected twist!

001_light grey_patterned floor.jpg

Mid Tone Grays

Still super neutral and classic, but definitely a different look and feel than the super trend white on white on white that’s been going on for a while. There are a lot of different shades of gray that are breathtaking, from more of a soft green hue like the photo below on the left, to a more cool taupe grey on the right.


Blues Blues and more Blues

Blue is a tricky color and can easily look really bad, but there are also so many beautiful shades that look spectacular. Always test out colors first before you commit! Whether it’s for your walls or cabinets… even if it’s for neutral colors like white, they are not all the same! But back to blue kitchens, I absolutely love each of these spaces, I could never pick just one – but man oh man the royal blue!! :)


Mint Green

Guys! Mint Green is having the most adorable moment right now! I am swooning over these kitchens, they are playful and fun and I feel happy just looking at them. I think anything anyone cooks would taste better if it was made in these kitchens, seriously. LOL!


Dark & Dramatic

What I love about dark colors is that they are super versatile. You can use them with stark contrasting light spaces like the first two images and they really anchor a space in a really strong way. Or you can go a step further and have dark cabinets and walls {and ceilings!}, creating an especially rich and cozy space {personally I think that an awesome dark wallpaper or paint would have taken that last kitchen to the next level, but what do I know ;) }. And as you can see they are all still bright and light filled, so forget about that nasty rumor that dark colors make a space feel small ~ not true!

dark greys.jpg

Bold & Saturated Color

Now these are statement making kitchens. They are bold and colorful and absolutely fantastic! Each space has a very unique energy and feeling and even though they are very bold, there is a timeless classic feeling as well. They are all great examples that you can use both strong colors and a lot of color and not look too ‘trendy’ {one of these kitchen images is actually from over 10 years ago, but I’m not telling which!}


Colorful Accents

If you could make it through all of those beautiful spaces and still think ~ nah, white is the only thing for me, fine {and also you might be a little boring as a human}… but fear not! You can always add just a pop off color to your kitchen through your appliances. Vintage inspired appliances are having a serious comeback, there’s room for far more color than just your kitchen aid mixer. Here are some great ones, so long stainless steel appliances!


Now I know you are just itching to get started with your own kitchen redo! :)

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