It’s intense out there in the world right now.

Is it just me or do things feel kind of weird lately? Everything is so intense!  All last week I felt weird, I kept trying to write, start some new projects, and wrap up my next post but I just felt kind of … well ~ weird. A mash up of uncomfortable, uninspired, grumpy and like anything I wrote or did or thought just wasn’t quite right.

You might have missed it, but The Onion recently had a hilarious video about how women are quitting their jobs to pursue lying face down on the floor, that pretty much sums up how I felt last week.

On Friday, as I spent 45 minutes getting to the coffee shop that’s normally 10 minutes away, just in time to admit that I don’t have time to stand in line without being late to my appointment, it hits me ~ ‘oh r i g h t … it’s the inauguration today… haha, that’s why things are weird today. My weird mood, my weird day, it wasn’t me at all. Saturday the energy was totally different, but I was super grumpy and I couldn’t figure out why. I knew the women’s march was that day, but I had scheduled my day for work and wasn’t going to be able to go, but I hadn’t really thought about it. But I woke up unhappy… my whole self felt horrible, so I literally asked myself ‘what is it going to take to shift my energy right now?’ I rearranged a showing so that I could go to the march for an hour and just like that, my entire mood changed. I wanted to be there, that was my truth, and I could tell when I wasn’t connected to it. That moment was a great reminder that everything I’m feeling is my body’s way of communicating with me, I just need to listen to it. And that we are always affected by what’s going on in the world around us, whether we know it or not.


Things aren’t getting any less intense out in the world anytime soon, some days I see story after story in the news and just want to turn everything off. But I know that I can’t just withdraw from the world, I want to be able to create what I’m wanting in my life, no matter what’s going on in the world around me.

One of the ways I really tune into myself, my body, my energy, my emotions, is with meditation {and my school, InVision has tons of new fun events and workshops happening this year, click the link if you want to find out more}. But everyone has their own ways of getting in tune with their bodies and energy, to reconnect with themselves and clear out everyone else. If you don’t take any time for yourself each day or week, you should, try it out and see if you notice a difference. {And no, vegging out in front of the TV isn’t what I’m talking about, that’s officially the opposite of tuning into yourself!} Maybe give something new a try, a new sport or workout routine, or quiet time for writing or just taking a walk, whatever works for you, but connect with yourself. If you can’t hear your own voice, what are you listening to everyday?

megaphone 1.jpg


One thing I know for sure. The more intense and uncertain the world becomes around me, the more I need to connect to my own energy, and truth, to be ablate create a life that is all about me, that’s inspiring and that I love to wake up to.


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