The biggest ‘secret’ of selling your house

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In the real estate world it’s already spring, even if mother nature isn’t on board quite yet. And it’s busy. There is a huge demand for listings, but that doesn’t always ensure automatic success as a seller. Today’s post is all about something that I don’t think any agent shares with their sellers, but it really is the essence of how to get what you want out of the sale of your house.

Before you even think about thinking about starting to declutter or moving even one piece of furniture to get your house ready to sell, you have to be in the right mindset or it doesn’t work. You have to be able to set the right tone to be able to have a good experience and get what you want.

So what’s the big secret, the thing that agents don’t say out loud?

Selling your house is not about you.

shock-1 shock-3 shock-2

… is this how you felt right after reading that? ;)

But but but! It IS about me!

Yes, the outcome is all about you! The goal, the objective, the payday… all about you! But the act of selling your house is all about ~ your buyer! That one amazing person who’s going to be handing over all that moola so that your home that you’ve loved, that was perfect for you once upon a time, can now be their dream home. One thing you {hopefully} both have in common is that you love your home! It might not be the right place for you anymore, but once upon the time it was perfect for you… and your buyers are going to be seeing your current home the same way.

Selling your house is like the weirdest most stressful version of dating that there ever was. You have one shot to make the biggest and best first impression ever, 15 minutes might be all you get. Even a normal first date usually lasts at least an hour!

I once met someone on a blind date for coffee, and they showed up looking like they were wearing dirty clothes, hadn’t showered, and had maybe just come from cleaning their bathroom all morning. Let’s just say it was over before it even started.

Get where I’m going with this?

How are you showing up to your first date? Did you take a shower and are you wearing clean clothes ~ aka, is your house clean, is everything picked up and put away?

Take some time and write down your own goals for the sale, and your own next exciting step, what do you want next as a buyer. That’s where it’s all about you. And let the rest of selling your house be what it is, an ending that is making space for you to have your next big thing. {which is so exciting!!} Have fun making it all about your buyer, getting your house in it’s best shape so that you, and it, can shine, and you can get everything you want!



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