This ‘Aint Your Grandma’s Wallpaper

In the sea of trendy gray paint that’s all the rage right now, I’m on a personal mission to bring back wallpaper! I think wallpaper is so beautiful, my Instagram feed has a steady stream of vintage patterns that I come across and drool over. I love it. It’s an easy  way to bring an extra level of fun, color, and pattern to a space. It can take an already beautiful room to breathtaking, and it can take a forgettable or utilitarian space, like a hallway or closet, from invisible to star of the show.

Today’s wallpapers are nothing like their counterparts from a few generations back, superglued onto the wall with no hope of removal… e v e r … and oh so many bad trims and borders for a while there {what was anyone thinking?!}. But now they are more beautiful than ever, and easier to install and remove than ever before. While I definitely wouldn’t recommend DIY’ing a wallpaper install {those seams and matching a pattern are not something you ever need to try to master}, I 100% think wallpaper should be on everyone’s radar for any renovation project!

You don’t have to commit to all of your rooms wallpapered, or even having any major spaces wallpapered in order to make a statement. Here are some of my favorite places to see wallpaper that aren’t always a huge commitment, but are definitely a huge hit every time <3

Powder Rooms

Powder Rooms are a super fun place to put a bold fun pattern on the walls. I say powder room as opposed to other bathrooms for the people who might be a little gun shy about the commitment of a really bold color or pattern in a room they are in all the time. The powder room is great because guests use it and in a weird way it can be a kind of special surprise of a room. Here are some of my favorites, and I’ve also searched out some of my own favorite patterns of wallpaper to share with you too!



If you have an entryway that is built more like a separate room, or an entryway that goes right into your stairway to another floor, it’s the perfect place to create a bold first experience of your home.



Wallpaper can also be a great way to bring any tucked away area to life and make it a little more special, no matter where it is in your house. It can also help bring attention to a space, or bring a design together, as you can see in all of the images below. Imagine them with just paint, not quite the same, huh?


I’m so into wallpaper I had to go back and seriously edit this post {I had SO many favorites to share}… talk about AGONY, what to include, what to leave out?! So impossible!!

So last but not lease… what if you want something more special than paint, but not necessarily a bold print? One of my most favorite wallpapers isn’t a print. It’s Grasscloth. It’s a classic, it’s been around for EONS, and in my opinion, will never EVER go out of style. It’s the definition of sophistication, and brings a richness to any room you find it in.

Grasscloth comes in varying scales, you can get it where the weave is more pronounced or smaller in scale that looks like a subtle woven texture, depending on the look that you are wanting and the size of the space you are working with. It also comes in an endless array of colors. Take a look at these installations and see for yourself {and then see if you aren’t in love with wallpaper!}


And if you really want to be bold, you can take a sharpie to your bathroom walls and make your own wallpaper {!!!}. I absolutely love this ‘I love you’ bathroom!! I couldn’t believe it when I read that this last pic was handwritten in permanent marker! AAHHH! <3 <3 <3 Personally, I’m not that confident in my handwriting OR my ability to draw in a straight line, so I’ll stick to letting the professionals handle it for now, but enjoy the eye candy! LOL!

i love you bathroom.jpg



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