Small Changes, Big Transformation

I love seeing the transformation of a space pre and post-renovation. And of course it’s always super fun to see a space that needs a major space lift and be able to go in and change everything. But you don’t always need to rip everything out and start over from scratch in order to have a big transformation within a space. Sometimes just some small adjustments  can make a huge difference, and lucky for you I just worked on this exact type of space!

Here we started with an underwhelming condo, with a layout and size that worked, but bad real-estate beige paint and just general sadness throughout… and turned it into a bright warm and inviting space that everyone is drooling over!

The existing space was pretty traditional, and we didn’t want to do full kitchen and bath renovations because it wasn’t necessary, the bones of the space were fine, {maybe not my personal style, but we could work with it :) }

So let’s take a look at the transformation!

In the living room we were dealing with boring beige paint and bad lighting.

3021 Armitage LR before.jpg

How much of a change can paint and lighting make? ALL. the. difference. That’s all we changed here. We got rid of that depressing real estate beige and unfortunate track light and instead opted for a much more inviting warm soft cream and a super fun brass geometric chandelier. We also added curtains at the back door to the deck so help soften up the space a little.

3021 Armitage_LR after 1.jpg

In the kitchen our biggest challenge was the super aggressive fan hood over the stove in the island {and more of that awful beige paint that was just… everywhere…}. Check out the ‘before’ space.

3021 Armitage_kitchen before.jpg

Unfortunately we couldn’t eliminate it, so we hunted and hunted to find the smallest profile one possible, and added new backsplash tile to help unify the kitchen finishes. Big difference.


We installed a new light fixture in the master bedroom and replaced the carpet and repainted all of the bedrooms.

3021 Armitage bedrooms before.jpg

Ivory wool carpet and a soft grey paint are a huge transformation {confession: when we ordered that light the product photos made it look like there were double the amount of pieces and it was much more full and kind of sculptural. While I can live with it, I’m a little underwhelmed with this part of the room}

3021 Armitage_master.jpg

In the bathrooms we changed out the lighting and paint colors and replaced some of the fixtures. Man, where do people even find light fixtures that ugly?!

3021 Armitage_master bath.jpg3021 Armitage bath 2 before.jpg

And last but not least, I love the entryway because it shows just how big a difference the right color paint can be. That’s all that changed here {well, we hung a piece of art too}, and we kept the original light fixture.


This project shows that you don’t always need to undertake a top to bottom overhaul of a renovation to have an amazing change within a space… now the only question is ~ what do you want to transform in your own space?!


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