How are those Resolutions coming??

resolutions cover

How are we already in the beginning of March?! I feel like we are literally racing through 2017… so as we enter the tail end of winter and round the corner toward Spring I’ve been thinking ~ how are those resolutions coming?

I always feel like my birthday is more of a personal new year than January first, for me it’s a great chance to check in with yourself  and is a more ‘real’ time for starting new things. So this past week I’ve been spending some time thinking about how I’ve been doing with my own list of resolutions… and I think I could be doing a lot better in some areas.

I think it’s interesting how easy or difficult different things are to change in our lives. Maybe working out 5 times a week is no big deal, but keeping your room clean or reading more books might be the most impossible task ever. Or maybe you are a great leader at work, you have an entire team, but you can’t find time every day to connect with your creativity, or begin to work on a long time dream even for just an hour a day.

Isn’t it funny how that works…

I’ve also realized how easy it is to let healthy habits slide when we get busy. Everything goes on the back burner in order to get our to-do list done, or meet deadlines or accommodate clients, but really aren’t we just putting ourselves in last place as we make everything else a priority? Why do we do that?! When we put ourselves last can we really be showing up 100% for everyone else?

Inevitably we end up feeling totally depleted, exhausted, uninspired, and we turn back to the healthy habits to recover. That never feels good.

Well, personally, I’m calling bullshit on not having more of what I want because it’s easier just to have more of the same. What’s really in between me and having any dream ~ making small decisions each day… and a little more discipline…

So, as I take a cold hard look at the reality that it’s also easy to put everything else first because sometimes it’s terrifying to think about what life would be like if we actually had our dreams ~ all the fears that come up about what happens if we fail, or if it doesn’t work out… it can be easier and more comfortable if our dreams and desires stay dreams, only being real in our imagination… because they are idealized and always perfect that way… we don’t have to risk losing them.

But that’s not what I’m all about, and I’m sure it’s not what you are wanting either. So over here, I’ve decided to take the month of March to make some very specific changes and keep a journal about what I notice changing… or not, as a way of really tuning into myself and what is happening, making it more real.

Specifically I’ve been thinking a lot about my resolution to ”own’ everything’ and ‘am I number one’… as I put myself on the back burner on those busy days or weeks… and let healthy habits slide because it’s easy, am I really doing either of those things? Am I setting the tone that I want everyday. If I was I would probably wouldn’t need to put myself second… or third… or last…

So for the month of March I’m making one big change, I’m going to meditate every morning to set the tone for my day. And I’m going to keep a small journal each day to track my experience and what changes over the course of the month. Does this mean I get to be late to meetings or other obligations? Nope. I have to have the discipline to do what it takes to fit it in, it might mean waking up earlier {and let me tell you this girl loves bed, that one definitely won’t always be easy}, or it might just mean getting a few things for the morning ready the night before. Whatever it is… do I want to be setting the tone, and having the time and space to meditate in the morning, enough to do them? Can I just have a little discipline? It’s time to see!

I can’t wait to share how the month goes and what I notice change… who knows, it might inspire some of you out there to begin your own morning meditation practice or make the shift to put yourself first in some other area of your life. Here’s to setting the tone and being number 1 <3




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