What’s with all the pineapples?


Every year there’s some crazy new trend… everywhere you turn there’s a message that you need this and hurry before you miss out! This year it’s pineapples?! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the trend is something I really love, like when flamingos were having a moment {actually I don’t think their moment is over yet}, but unless your spirit animal is a pineapple, maybe we can skip this one?

We all know that the only reason trends exist is that, without new things being offered, people wouldn’t be buying stuff nearly as much. I do love the freshness and newness of this cycle, I love seeing new ideas, and new creativity, new shapes and colors… new takes on old ideas… and ways that things improve with every ‘re-invention’… but really, the vast majority of the new stuff out there every season is totally just a passing trend or fad that no one really needs.

I really believe in honing in your style, for your house, your closet and wardrobe, your health… every area of your life, so that you can have clarity and not get caught up in the latest fad… staying connected to your truth, what really works for you and makes you feel good… things that will enhance your life.

So today I’m doing a little bit of a fun Friday round-up of accessories that are anything but pineapple… fun accents to freshen up your space, that will still be fun and ‘in’, long after this season, and this weird citrus trend, pass.

Enjoy! <3

non-pineapple accessories.jpg


1. love object {great as an accent on top of a stack of books!} | 2. brass inlay coasters | 3. marble vase | 4. Luster milky vases | 5. color coated bowl {I love this small business! they have so many beautiful colorful rubber coates bowls, spoons and other offerings, perfect for brightening up a table or as a gift} | 6. Cotton wreath {I can’t decide if I’m totally in love with door wreaths, or if it makes me feel too old and home-body, but I’ve always been in love with cotton, and with this wreath!} | 7. Lotus bowls {just added these to my house, maybe it will finally be the end of my daily “where are my keys?!” mantra, lol!} | 8.  perfection paper weight {who couldn’t use a little perfection, right?!} | 9. Estrato pillow {this company makes so many beautiful pillows, love. them. all.} | 10. zbase pillow | 11. Stella pillow | 12. art you love {this is a print by my favorite Chicago artist Pete Nawara. I can’t afford (and don’t have a ceiling tall enough) for an original painting quite yet, but you can get prints of this, and many other awesome artists at Society6.com} Also, check out some of my other current favorite artists here, here and here! | 13. These tiny Nashi nut bowls are so cute! Use them for actual nuts, or just around the house for objects and trinkets | 14. I love these sophisticated but minimalistic planters {I’m using one for a new succulent garden {!!!}}



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