My Favorite Way to Design a Space… Slowly

As I’m working on a new interior design project {my last for a while as I’m wrapping this up and making more space to focus on real estate} I’m reminded of my biggest struggle in design…

I love the idea of moving to a new place and starting from scratch. Designing the space and being able to buy all new furniture… art… finishes… really making the space you. You can get rid of everything that isn’t you anymore.. {and sometimes that’s everything} and start fresh. Really be in present time. It can be a powerful thing to do, a completely clean slate. Recreating your space with a very strong and purposeful intention, who wouldn’t want to do that?!

When I’m working on a design project with a client, we have to find them everything they need for their space right then… but if I’m being totally honest, my favorite way to design is to create a space over time… slowly adding pieces here and there as you discover the perfect things. Furniture and other elements that you add to your space over time bring a certain depth and layered story… an evolution that reflects your unique self that isn’t quite like anyone else… I absolutely adore vintage and antique everything and think it adds a magical unique touch to any space, but you can’t always find exactly what you want right away… you have to just keep an eye out until that perfect piece shows up.

I’m always keeping an eye out for great new {old} finds that might add that magical touch to a space. Here are some of my favorite vintage pieces from my favorite vintage shops here in Chicago… maybe one of them is right for your space!

I am totally in love with this vintage Louis XV settee {seriously, be still my heart, that fabric!} this piece is a show stopper in any space…

Savoy flea tassle setee_070617

and I’m regular in love with this cute black vintage French coffee table, which would make a great coffee or accent table. Both from the Savoy Flea.

savoy flea coffe table 1

I recently discovered the South Loop Loft and am rethinking my decision to stop doing design work for the moment, everything in this space is so great and I’m having all kinds of ideas now! I love their space, everything they have inside, and the owner Beth is pretty amazing herself.

Here are two of my current favs {seriously, everything here is my favorite but for the sake of time, and not writing a novel…}, a truly spectacular turquoise chair with a gold base, an amazing accent piece anywheresouth loop loft swivel chair

and this gold sheaf of wheat side table {a million years ago before vintage furniture was so hot and mainstream, I found a table exactly like this on a random craigslist ad for like zero money, talk about regret for letting that one get by me! oh the penniless grad school days… sigh…}.

south loop loft sheaf of wheat table

And, no surprise to anyone who knows me, of course I have a few favorites from my favorite place on earth, Jayson Home. I am currently obsessed with these vintage dining chairs. Personally I think they would be great individually as accent pieces

jayson vintage dining chair.jpg

and this vintage batik bench, how beautiful is that fabric?! I also love that it’s upholstered all the way down and doesn’t have separate legs.

jayson vintage bench.jpg

Hope you have a great weekend, maybe you’re having a mysterious urge to find a flea market or vintage shop yourself now??! Hmmm, I vote yes!



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