Feel Good Friday Inspiration


I had a post about real estate and dead deals all ready for today, but then I saw this video and changed my mind. {I know it’s disappointing ;) you’ll get to read about it on Monday though! ~ sigh of relief} Instead, I’m writing about something that’s a huge deal in most people’s lives and sharing a crazy inspiring story.

How many things are standing in the way of us having our biggest dreams… the life and experiences we really want, if we could have everything we dream about…

If you ask someone that question they will likely have a lot of different answers, and mostly, everything will be something outside of themselves.

We have all kinds of ideas, or ‘pictures’, about how things have to go, or need to be, in order to get where we want… in order to have things be the way we want… most of it isn’t even true. None of those voices in your head… feelings of doubt… impossibility… my dreams are too big… I’m not that good… are your truth.

We might be toning ourselves down a little to not make others uncomfortable.. to not compete, to fit in, to keep everyone else happy… but is that really working? Is staying small and not having your dream making you happy?

This video is the performance and story of a recent contestant from America’s Got Talent. She was on her way to a life of music, to become a singer, write beautiful songs, live her creative life and follow her passion, when she lost her hearing at 18. Talk about a devastating life change…

This could have ended her dream, and she talks about how she gave up for a while… but she found her way back to her passion and truth and there really aren’t words for how great a singer she is, and how touching this performance is.

She had to make changes and adjust in order to still be able to have her dream. And in order for anyone to be able to have more than what they have now, you have to change… on a physical level in the day to day, on an energy level, both… you can’t stay the same and have more. This singer couldn’t stay the way she was {with no hearing and all of her energy in that trauma/loss} and have her dream… so she adjusted, reconnected with her own energy and her own truth, she learned how to trust herself more than ever before {she can’t hear her own voice so she has to trust her pitch and just do it} and she’s AMAZING. What this person is doing {and excelling at} is seemingly impossible… but there she is, having her dream life, and blowing everyone away, despite the entire world and her own body saying it shouldn’t be possible…

How many of your dreams seem impossible… what’s really standing in the way other than you thinking/feeling/believing it’s impossible? What’s standing in the way besides not being able to trust yourself and just take a step? I have a feeling most people’s biggest dream isn’t as impossible as what this woman had to overcome.

In my psychic work, as I give a reading to someone, one of my absolute favorite things is seeing someone’s truth… I get to see just how spectacular and magical they really are… what their energy is without everyone else’s ‘stuff’ in the way. It’s always amazing, everyone has a beauty, creativity, voice and magic that is unlike anyone else… when they are struggling in some part of their life, stuck or challenged, it’s always just a question of how connected they are to this part of themselves in their lives.

Enjoy the video {and grab some tissues, I ugly cry every time I watch it} I hope it inspires you to start going after every impossible dream you have <3

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