These beds will give you sweet dreams

I’ve been seeing a couple of really fun new trends in the bed frame realm lately… spindle beds and more antique style metal bed frames. I can’t get enough! So for a fun Friday roundup, here are some fun bed frames and images of bedrooms that are pretty drool worthy!

Metal Bed Frames

There are a lot of beautiful bed frames out there, but there’s something really eye catching about an old school metal bed frame. Simple. Sturdy. Basic in one way, but also beautiful detailing in another. And the metal is a great contrast to any bedding and stands out against other neutral colors in a space.

metal bed frame inspo_chrislovesjulia

I love this pic of a renovated guest room that features a metal frame bed. The room overall is pretty neutral, and the bed is the perfect contrast statement piece in the room. A total classic. Here are a few great metal bed frames that are also super affordable {score!} It’s never been easier to redo your bedroom!

metal bed frames.jpg

bed 1 | bed 2 | bed 3

Spindle Beds

You guys… be still my heart. These bed frames are AH~MAZING. It’s hard to find many queen sized options just yet, but mark my words, they are going to be huge. If you have kids you are in luck because Land of Nod has them in different colors{!!!}. I can’t wait to have a new bedroom to design using one of these handsome bed frames. Thank you to whoever first thought to use this style again and started it’s fateful path to rediscovery. The world is a better place with these beautiful beds in it.

spindle bed inspo

This little boys room looks great, not too ‘little kid’ but still full of personality and fun. And the bed frame is one that is perfect in this space and will stay perfect as the elements in the room change over time.

There’s something great about furniture that works over different styles and ages, as opposed to a piece that you would have to replace when you go to refresh a space. This bed is beautiful and works with so many styles and for all ages. I absolutely love it. Here are a couple of great spindle beds if you are in the market!

spindle beds.jpg

bed 1 | bed 2



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