Sellers: Your Fall to-do list

The real estate market right now is great for sellers no matter what time of year it is. There continue to be far fewer properties than buyers, even during traditionally slower times of the year. But even in a market where it feels like you just can’t lose, the spring still remains the busiest and most ideal time of the year to sell your house.

If you are considering selling your house next spring, there are some important things you need to get started on now. It might seem like you have plenty of time {it’s only September!}, but we all know how that works, and you want to be ready to put your house on the market at the ideal time, without adding unnecessary stress racing to prepare or missing your moment.

Meet with your realtor ~ now

conference room cropped

But I don’t need them until I’m ready to actually put my house on the market. Not true. Get a CMA of your property {comparative market analysis} to have a clear idea of the value of your home in the current market, and discuss your selling strategy with your agent. Timing and preparation make a huge difference when selling your house. This will help you get a head start on being able to achieve the results that you want, and get the best value from your investment.

Repairs & Improvements 

painting setup

There might be some repairs that you’ve been putting off for a while because they don’t bother you enough to deal with them. There might also be some improvements you could make to improve your home’s value and help it be more appealing to prospective buyers. Get them done now, so that they don’t become an unnecessary hurdle during the sale.

Have any exterior projects like painting, masonry or roof repairs done before the winter weather hits. Have your agent do a walk through of your space now and pinpoint other important opportunities for improvements or things that might need attention. Spring is prime construction time and it will likely be easier to line up contractors in the fall and winter when other construction projects slow down.

The big clean out

Cardboard boxes stack in apartment, moving day

Moving is a great time to go through your house and get rid of anything and everything that you aren’t using or that doesn’t work for you anymore. But as a seller the benefit is twofold, you get to set yourself up for an amazing transition into your new home and get your current space ready and looking it’s best before going on the market. Clear out everything that’s just been taking up space in your… space. You’ll have less to deal with when moving day comes, and you set a great tone right off the bat in your new house. Get started on this task early {it always takes more time than you think!}. And if your house is still too full when you’re done purging, it’s time to put some things in storage. Box up any off-season items and get them out of sight, which will also be much less painful if you get it done before it starts snowing! It will be 100% worth it when your house looks amazing come listing time and you have people lining up to see it.

Smile for the camera!

victorian house_fall

The spring market starts early, and you want photos of the exterior of your house to show it at its best ~ which is not covered in snow surrounded by bare trees. Arrange to have exterior photos of your house taken now, while trees are full and green, or equally beautiful {if not more so} in the fall when the leaves are vibrant hues of red, orange and yellow. This is one of the easiest ways to make sure your house will definitely stand out against the competition, and it isn’t hard to imagine how much people will love seeing a pic of lush greenery and sunshine in the middle of winter ~ I mean, which one of these images looks better to you?! {I know I feel more excited about the photo on the left, even though both pics are of the exact same row houses!}

row houses_fall winter

So if you’ve been thinking about selling but haven’t started getting ready, now is the time! Really, it’s never too early to start planning and preparing once selling is on your radar, it’s your biggest investment, so set yourself up for success!




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