Don’t forget your Amazing

construction days 1_1400.jpg

This ‘memory’ popped up in my Facebook feed this morning of me cutting rebar with a big heavy gas powered saw, back when I was a construction worker during the Great Recession. It was a great moment and a reminder not to forget our Amazing.

When we are going through the mundane day to day, it can be easy to fall into a routine and get caught up in what’s not amazing… what’s stressful, what we are worried about, what isn’t working, what we don’t have.

When we are working to create something new we are constantly handling so much energy from outside ourselves that we can feel insecure, unworthy, anything but amazing. We get focused on how far away our goal is, and our attention moves away from the magical parts of ourselves and is outside of us, and we can start to work from effort and struggle, instead of staying connected to our energy and creating from a place of creativity and abundance. We started to feel invalidated and anything but amazing.

But really, we are amazing. If you think about it, just being alive in this human body is a completely magical miracle. Like ~ it’s a legit miracle. The human body is fascinating, our emotions and creativity, what we are good at, or passionate about, how we express ourselves in the world during our life – sheer magic. But how often do we even feel amazing? Do we even know that we are amazing? Do you wake up in the morning celebrating how awesome you are, eager to have another day to create your life and express your unique yourself?

So, the fact that I was a construction worker is pretty amazing, I’ve done some awesome things in my life, so many of which I never even planned or expected. Sure, there are so many other things that I still want to do, but take a minute and give yourself a pat on the back for all the fabulous things that have happened in your life that have created who you are right in this moment. Whether you felt like they were good or bad at the time, they were shaping you, helping you learn and grow, shaping your dreams. Those magical parts of us that make us who we are, different from everyone else, they are spectacular!

If you had to write down everything that makes you amazing, special, unique, magical, could you do it? Do you even have permission to see these parts of yourself?

So don’t forget your Amazing {no my blog title wasn’t a typo!}, all the beautiful things about you that make you you… the unique energy that’s all yours… all the parts of yourself that are unique and unlike anyone else.

Make some time this weekend to sit down with yourself, find some stillness and write down, pen to paper, everything about yourself that is amazing. Make it real and have it for yourself, let it sink in and really feel it. If you can’t do it at first that just shows you what a big deal it is to have this part of yourself. Don’t get up, stay and write down what makes you amazing, there’s a lot in there just waiting to be seen and let out into the world!

unhide your dopeness bw.jpg


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