Front Door Refresh Ideas ~ Wreaths, Door Knockers, and Door Mats Galore

cotton wreath door.jpg

I always love walking up to someone’s door and seeing a beautiful wreath, or a great door knocker. Doors and entryways don’t always get the love and attention that they deserve. They are people’s first physical interaction with your home, it’s a great chance to make a warm, welcoming first impression.

There are a few simple elements to having a strong, statement making and memorable entrance. A solid door in a great color makes a strong foundation, and entry lights are the perfect frame. But the fun finishing touches are a great door knocker, and a fun door mat and wreath. I like wreaths because they are low maintenance and are easy to switch out with the seasons.

I love all of these wreaths, and many of them would work year round. I tend to gravitate toward more neutral colors and natural plants, but I do have one good colorful floral one in this mix!


1/ cotton 2/ dried herbs 3/ larkspur 4/ lavender 5/ lavender & hydrangea

These door knockers are so fun. You can always go for a classic like the first one, but I’m all about adding fun unexpected elements to your house and space to keep things fun and memorable.

door knockers.jpg

classic | pine cone | hare | whimsical creatures

Last but not least, everyone needs a good door mat. You can always go classic, but I’m a fan again of the fun humorous doormats too. I’m torn, I guess that’s what having a back door and a front door are good for!

door mats.jpg

1/ stripes  2/ knot weave 3/ antlers 4/ hello 5/ you look good  6/ classic picture frame 7/ make today awesome 8/ the neighbors

How’s your front door looking these days, could it use a little refresh? Consider this as probably one of the easiest ‘renovations’ you could ever do and have fun refreshing your home’s front door!




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