The Big Purge of 2017, Getting Unstuck & Making Space for New to Come In

I saw this memory pop up in my Facebook feed this morning and thought ~ how timely, as I’ve been a little stuck and in a lot of resistance to starting a big {and long overdue} purge of my space.

getting what you want.jpg

I can tell anyone what they need to do to get their space ready to sell, and when I give them their to-do list, it seems so easy. Just clean out all of your closets, do this and that, and like a wise design fairy god mother I can tell them in a magical song like voice to “take this opportunity to really get rid of any and everything that isn’t serving you anymore so that you can really have your new space be perfect for you in present time.” It’s gonna be so great!

But when it comes to my own space I was at a standstill, for a few months. I know that clearing out my space will feel good once it’s done, but I would rather do anything than pull everything out, and have my place inevitably become a disaster as I sort through it all. And I always deal with this deep fear that I won’t finish the whole project and will be stuck living in the mess indefinitely.

But isn’t that how change always goes. In order to have the new, you have to get rid of the old and make space.. and clearing the old out gets messy. Whether it’s energy, clothes, furniture, emotions.. whatever. Often, no matter how much we want something, or we want to let go of something, we just get stuck and can’t take a step forward to create the space to be able to have it. But if our space is filled up with old stuff, old physical stuff or old energy, new things can’t come in. It’s not rocket science, and logically I know it, but it took me a few weeks to shift my energy and perspective to be able to have movement and really dive in.

I’m not the same person that I was five years ago when I moved into my house, which is probably the last time I really went through everything and did a big purge. I’m wanting to set the tone in many areas of my life in a specific way, but how can I do that if I still have a bunch of old stuff that’s ‘five years ago’ me hanging around taking up space? I can’t. There’s no room. How much of your life is filled up with things that no longer serve you? I think often it’s more than we are comfortable admitting.

To help clear out the resistance I was feeling that was keeping me stuck, I’m breaking down cleaning out my space into a number of smaller projects over the next couple of months so that I don’t get overwhelmed and just quit. And honestly, once I just started, a lot of the negativity and whiny resistance I was feeling went away and I started feeling empowered, as I was re-owning my physical space, and excited about what I am bringing into my life as I create more space {both physically and energetically}.

So, look around, is your space looking and feeling the way you want? Is it right for ‘today’ you, or is it maybe a little bit in the past? Is your closet filled with clothes you love and feel great in, do the objects in your space fill you with joy and set the tone you are wanting? How much ‘stuff’ is in your space that isn’t even you, and isn’t helping you have the things you are really wanting? What are you going to do about it?

sweeping racoon


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