Color is the New Neutral

I’m noticing a disturbing trend lately… I think it’s been going on for a while now and I just haven’t noticed, but an alarming number of homes are filled with absolutely horrible poo colored brown couches.

Please. Stop this behavior immediately. Be better than a poo brown couch.

I’m not really sure how anyone can look at that and think that it’s a good choice, forget trying to figure out why a furniture company would even offer it as an option. Ugh. Maybe poo brown is supposed to be neutral? Maybe not.

The great news is that these days, in design as well as in fashion, while there are distinct trends that come and go with each season, more and more the rule of thumb is that ‘anything goes’ {well, except for a poo brown couch!} While people might have shied away from bold colors for fear of being just a passing trend, that’s just not true today.

Personally I feel like any color can be used as a ‘neutral’, you can change elements around them to create a different look without having to switch out that one big piece to create a very different style, as you can see by some of the different designs in each color way. Just look at all these stunners, no need to be afraid of color!

sofa rainbow.jpg

So unless you are going for a purposefully neutral palette {which also would never include a poo brown couch}, have fun with color and really make your space amazing!

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